Flip Flops Are Pretty Bad For Your Feet

Everyone owns a pair of flip flops, whether they'd like to admit it or not. I mean, they're pretty practical for a lot of things — what else could you just as easily throw in your bag and bring as a change of shoes to the beach, or what other kind of shoe has a going rate for a couple of bucks? But it seems even this universal sandal has its downside: flip flops are bad for your feet. They can cause all kinds of problems, from bunions to hammertoes to arch pain.

According to a report by the Today Show, flip flops can not only worsen foot problems you have, but can cause some of these issues to develop in the first place, and can permanently change the way you walk. Yikes! But wait, there's more. Over 25,000 shoe-related injuries in 2014 were caused by flip flops That's right, flip flop injuries exist.And here I was thinking a more comfy shoe couldn't be found.

Experts suggest, according to the report, some simple adjustments can help keep your feet happy, without you having to give up the infamous sandals for good. For instance, avoid wearing flip flops if you're doing foot-heavy activities, like driving, or walking around in potentially rugged areas. Try to find a version that isn't completely bendable (you know those foam ones that you can basically snap in half), and with somewhat of an arch. Podiatrists recommend soft leather sandals so your foot is comfortable, but not too strained. And don't forget to change your flip flops each season to make sure your shoes aren't too run down.

Even though not all places are appropriate for flip flops (but does that really stop anyone?), using these doctor-approved guidelines, here are some options to replace your go-to summer sandal with something a bit better for your feet.

Yosi Samra Roee Flip Flop, $50, Zappos

These sandals have a leather top and a padded footbed, AKA will probably be the most comfortable flip flops you've ever purchased.

REPORT 'Seanna' Flip Flop, $29.95, Nordstrom

A bit fancier than the typical flip flop, these sandals have a cute eyelet strap detail and the tiniest of heels to give your arch a little more comfort while walking.

Flip-flops, $17.99, H&M

The thick red strap adds extra support to the top of your foot, making these a great replacement for a casual flip flop.

Havianas 'High Light' Wedge Flip Flop, $23.09, Nordstrom

Though these are made of rubber, the added wedge will give your foot that much-needed arch support.

Ted Baker Verona Jelly Flip Flops with Bow, $73, asos

Okay, these aren't exactly flip flops, but the ankle strap (paired with that adorable bow), gives your foot more stability and support, and are a great option for everyday shoes.

Images: Courtesy Brands