5 Places Wearing Flip Flips Is Acceptable (Yes, The Office Is One Of Them)

Flip flops receive a lot of flak from people who don't understand them. I get it - they're not footwear that should be flaunted on the red carpet, but as someone who comes from an island really close to the equator, I think wearing flip flops should get the respect it deserves. They show off my perfectly pedicured toes, and while my size 11 feet make it hard to find pretty shoes in my size, I can always depend on flip flops to fit. Besides, they're comfortable, and anybody who says otherwise probably hasn't worn a pair of Havaianas — or as we flip flop worshippers would call them, Thong Royalty.

I get that the thwacking sound they make drives some people crazy. People who chose to drag their feet make an even louder noise when they wear flip flops. Still, I fully believe that this magical footwear are should be used for more than just saving your soles from athlete's foot in the gym shower. Have you ever tried going commando, or going without a bra? That feeling breeziness down there or freeing your nipples is the same euphoria your feet should be able to experience. No feed deserve the claustrophobic, sweaty darkness of a closed-toe shoe during the gorgeous summer season. Let them out, flaunt them a little, your weird toes (everyone has weird toes) deserve as much love as the rest of you does.

And in case you can't bring yourself to wear flip flops everywhere you go, here are some places it's OK to, and nobody will look at you funny.

1. Running errands


There's no need to dress up when you're running to the corner store for trash bags and tampons. It really is OK to be wearing your velour pants that you can't bear to part with because they're so comfortable and your $2 Old Navy flip flops. Nobody gets to judge when you're doing supermarket runs.

2. The beach

There are two things that the soles your your feet should be allowed to touch when you're at the beach: sand and rubber. Not heels. Never heels on the beach.

3. On vacation (with caution)

If you're a pro-flip flopper like I am, you'd know how to manoeuvre your feet expertly to avoid injury wearing flip flops. If you're not however and you plan to walk a lot of your vacation, switch up your flip flop uniform with sneakers. You don't want to wind up at the doctor's during your summer holidays, after all.

4. To brunch

Maybe you can't wear flip flops during the work week, but that doesn't mean you can't sun your toes during brunch for the weekend. Your feet deserve to be as relaxed for your free-flow all-you-can-eat brunch fiesta. Instead of picking the rubber variety, you can choose leather flip flops instead. Even Havaianas makes ones with a back strap so you won't be dragging your flip flops all through town.

5. In the office

OK, hear me out guys. I have an array of footwear sitting under the desk at my office. You need options, and when you're wearing heels to work, you'd need to take off your shoes while you're at your desk during the course of the day. So why not turn to flip flops? If you're scared of your feet stinking up the office, make sure you have a foot odor spray lying around too. Oh, and make sure you change back before your boss comes in.

Photos: Bermi Ferre, kudumono, Anthony/Flickr; Giphy (5)