New Videos Surface In Texas Pool Party Clash

As the police investigation continues, two new videos of the McKinney, Texas, pool party surfaced this week, offering some fresh angles and takes on the violent clash between police officers and black teenagers in the quiet Dallas suburb. One video, taken by 13-year-old Jahda Bakari, who lives in the neighborhood and attend last Friday's pool party, shows Corporal Eric Casebolt restraining a 15-year-old bikini-clad girl from the opposite angle. Another video, making the rounds on Twitter, apparently shows a fight between a black teenage girl and two white women that occurred before police arrived on the scene.

The events that unfolded at the McKinney pool party last Friday have triggered yet another round of protests, as well as backlash from some residents who claim the incident and police response were not racially charged. But if anything, Bakari's video provides more insight into Casebolt's actions and how they traumatized the young black teenager he wrestled and manhandled to the ground.

In the video, taken from the opposite angle of Brandon Brooks' seven-minute-long recording broadcast on news stations across the country, you can see Casebolt press a considerable amount of weight on Bakari's back with his knees. You can also see the 15-year-old girl screaming, whimpering, and calling for her mother as Casebolt holds her down.

"You can see the actual fear in her face, and that she was screaming and what was going on?" Bakari told local news station WFAA. She added that she started filming Casebolt with her phone after he pushed Bakari and her friends out of the way. "I'm still kind of in shock," Bakari said.

Her father, Jahi Adisa Bakari, added to WFAA: "I'm not indicting the entire police department because I saw people doing the right thing. ... This guy [Casebolt] was out of control. He should be drug-tested and then fired."

Yet another video surfaced this week shows an alleged alteration between an African-American teenager and two white women, reportedly taken before police officers arrived at the pool party gone amok. This video is getting a lot of play on conservative websites such as Breitbart, but it's unclear how the altercation broke out and what triggered it.

Casebolt, who was also seen pulling out his gun and pointing it at two unarmed black teenagers in the original video, has been placed on administrative leave. The McKinney Police Department announced on Sunday that it also opened an investigation into Casebolt's conduct.

The original video, shot by white teenager Brandon Brooks, went viral over the last few days. It has amounted nearly 10 million views on YouTube.

Image: screenshot/YouTube/Brandon Brooks