Remember All Of 'Fresh Prince's Lisa Drama? We Do.

Some television relationships are classic. No matter what the actors go on to do, you'll always associate them with a particular time and place in television history. This is the case with Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and his main squeeze Lisa Wilkes. Portrayed by the pint-sized Nia Long, Lisa comes storming into Will's life when Carlton asks her sorority to teach Will a lesson about sexism. We all know that Will is the "King of Come-Ons," who is always easily distracted by beautiful women and spends a great deal of time coming up with outrageous ways to get their attention. Lisa was the perfect antidote.

While Carlton is constantly seeking out the woman of his dreams, Will dates numerous women over the first several seasons of Fresh Prince. When Lisa comes along during the fifth season of the series, I was surprised to see him finally turn away from his field-playing ways. From the beginning, Lisa challenges Will. She refuses to excuse his behavior, and she demands that he mature into the man we all knew he could be from the start. She trusts him, but she also demands his honesty and respect. Though Lisa and Will never actually made it down the aisle, their relationship played a pivotal role in Will's transition into manhood.

In honor of the woman who captured the Fresh Prince's heart and put a cap on all of his ridiculous one-liners, we're taking a look back at their time together. Though Will and Lisa had a mostly happy relationship, they also had their ups and downs like any other young couple.

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