7 "Dirrty" Christina Lyrics You Got As An Adult

Nowadays, Christina Aguilera is a household name because of her hosting on The Voice and her occasional appearances on the ABC musical drama Nashville. But there was a time, dear readers, that Christina Aguilera was a late '90s and early '00s pop princess. She and Britney Spears, both former Mousketeers, duked it out for the top of the Billboard charts. I remember watching the video for "Genie In a Bottle" debut on Total Request Live, and I suddenly felt that turquoise, suede, and fringe was the answer. Like many a pop star, Aguilera went through many phases in her career.

It's hard to forget the "Dirrty" era, with all of its unwashed hair extensions, excessive tanning, and Kangol hats... but mostly for its badass, sex-positive, empowering messages. Xtina, as she was known back then, was sexually expressive in her looks and in her music. However, it wasn't just the Stripped album that had Aguilera's hottest lyrics. Her self-titled debut and follow-up Spanish language album Mi Reflejo were both chock full of naughty lines. We maybe just didn't recognize it at the time.

Reading through some old Aguilera lyrics is like re-watching Wayne's World as an adult and finally understanding all of the dirty jokes I never picked up on as a kid. Here are the dirrtiest Christina Aguilera lyrics you probably didn't notice were dirty the first time around.

"Genie In a Bottle," Part I

"You're lickin' your lips and blowing kisses my way / But that don't mean I'm gonna give it away." Ohhh, give IT away. I get it now.

"Genie In a Bottle," Part II

"I'm a genie in a bottle, you gotta rub me the right way." So by "rub me the right way," you really mean, "rub me the right way." Ah hah, yes, fascinating.

"Genie In a Bottle," Part III

"If you wanna be with me, I can make your wish come true / You gotta make a big impression..." So, she's talking about sex and his penis, right? Yes. I see this now.

"Come On Over (All I Want Is You)"

"All I want is you, now baby don't be shy (You better cross the line)." And by cross the line, she means sex.

"Lady Marmalade"

"Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?" translates to "Do you want to sleep with me tonight?" Well then, that explains that.

"Falsas Esperanzas"

"Yo no quiero ser otra en tu lista / O en to coleccion, oh uh," which means, "I don't want to be someone on your list / Or in your collection, oh uh." A COLLECTION OF LOVERS, I SEE!

"So Emotional"

But then it feels so good, I knew it would / You know the way to make me crazy / I want to give it to you." I believe what she is referring to here is what is commonly known as, "The Bone Zone."

Hot day-um girl!

Images: mtv, mcswaggie/Tumblr; Giphy