Congrats On The Baby, Macklemore! (Maybe...)

Either Macklemore welcomed his baby with fiancée Tricia Davis or the rapper just loves carrying babies around. Last Thursday, Macklemore was photographed with a baby strapped to his chest, which was then shared on Instagram by his fan and neighbor, Cooper Clark, MTV News reports. The photo shows Clark, another young boy, and the "Same Love" singer carrying a baby with a full head of dark hair.

(Update: Via his official website, Macklemore announced he and his wife welcomed a baby girl named Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty on May 29, 2015.)

In addition to being super excited about meeting the musician, Clark sent all his love and congratulations to Macklemore and Davis on their new baby. He wrote, "Look who we just met! Congrats on your new baby!!!!" According to MTV News, Clark revealed the couple gave birth to a baby girl via the comment section of the photo.

So... did Macklemore really have his baby? Or, is the Grammy-winning rapper just carrying around a baby for the heck of it? My money's on that he definitely is a father now and is looking all adorable with his new daughter.

In January, Macklemore and Davis revealed they were expecting with a really sweet video announcement. Not only did the two want to share their surprise with fans, but they also wanted let everyone hear their baby's heartbeat. They even unveiled that their due date was sometime in May 2015. So, that convinces me even more that the baby with Macklemore is indeed his, because the timeline matches.

Whatever the case, let's still send congratulations to Macklemore and Davis, because either way they are parents or will be very soon.