18 Father's Day Tech Gifts That Will Make Your Dad Feel Totally In-The-Know

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There are two types of dads out there: the ones who are unapologetically tech-crazy, and the ones who don't even know how to turn on their own computer. Fortunately, there are amazing Father's Day tech gifts that will work no matter what type of person your dad is... because tech gifts are only fun to receive if you can actually figure out how to use them.

This Father's Day, get your dad a gift that he'll actually use — something that will make his life a little bit easier and less hectic. In other words, a tech gift that will basically make you the best daughter in the world. Whether you want to get something inexpensive but still cool, or if you want to splurge on a bigger item (or chip in for a gift with your siblings), there is something for everyone on this list. In fact, these gift ideas are so cool, you'll want to buy them for your dad just so you can steal them for yourself. Here are 18 tech gifts you need to buy your dad this Father's Day.

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