18 Father's Day Tech Gifts That Will Make Your Dad Feel Totally In-The-Know

There are two types of dads out there: the ones who are unapologetically tech-crazy, and the ones who don't even know how to turn on their own computer. Fortunately, there are amazing Father's Day tech gifts that will work no matter what type of person your dad is... because tech gifts are only fun to receive if you can actually figure out how to use them.

This Father's Day, get your dad a gift that he'll actually use — something that will make his life a little bit easier and less hectic. In other words, a tech gift that will basically make you the best daughter in the world. Whether you want to get something inexpensive but still cool, or if you want to splurge on a bigger item (or chip in for a gift with your siblings), there is something for everyone on this list. In fact, these gift ideas are so cool, you'll want to buy them for your dad just so you can steal them for yourself. Here are 18 tech gifts you need to buy your dad this Father's Day.

For The Dad Who Shaves Every Day

Help your dad save on time getting ready in the morning with this shower mirror. Not only does it move around for his convenience, it also won’t fog up, meaning he can shave while showering without worrying about cutting himself.

Pivoting Fog-Free LED Shower Mirror, $39.95,

For The Dad Who Loves A Good BBQ

This Bluetooth thermometer makes it easy for your dad to socialize even while he’s grilling a perfect burger. It works by notifying his phone when the food is at the right temperature. It’s super helpful.

iDevices iGrill Mini , $96,

For The Dad Who Loves TV And Movies

I always recommend a Roku as a gift because it is literally one of the best things ever invented. It lets you stream movies and TV shows from apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Go, Showtime, YouTube, Google Play, and so much more. It’s incredibly easy to use, and so great. The Roku 1 and 2 are cheaper options, but I can tell you that the 3 is a much better viewer experience.

Roku 3, $60,

For The Dad Who Loves To Bike Ride

If your dad does a lot of biking, then he already knows that cell phone placement is pretty annoying when you’re riding around. This mount keeps his phone safe and in front of his face so he can use the GPS the whole time.

Satechi RideMate Universal Bicycle Mount, $20.19,

For The Dad Who Likes Little Gadgets

For some reason, dudes love cool flashlights (or maybe that’s only the men in my life, I don’t know), so why not get your dad a really useful one? This one is super bright, water-resistant, and lasts for eight hours.

Pelican Progear Waterproof LED Photo Luminescent Flashlight, $30.15,

For The Businessman Dad

If your dad carries his laptop to and from work every day, or just travels a lot for business, he needs a really good, sturdy laptop bag. This one is a great option. It has room for a laptop and a tablet, along with other little items, it’s super padded, has a water bottle pocket, and fits comfortably. Plus, it goes with everything.

Ogio Renegade Top Zip Laptop Messenger Bag, $129.99,

For The Dad Who Loves Music

Everyone should have a portable speaker in the summer. This one is great if your dad is always outdoors, whether he’s working, fishing, camping, etc. It’s splashproof and durable, and the simple design makes it perfect for your dad.

Splashproof Outdoor Speaker with Bluetooth , $35,

For The Fitness-Lover

Does your dad love running or hitting the gym? Get him an armband to hold his phone in a convenient spot. The neon color of this one makes it easy to spot.

Incase Designs Sports Armband iPhone6 Case, $36.95,

For The Dad Who Is Always On The Go

This little fuel can keychain is actually a cell phone charger… one of the cutest cell phone chargers I’ve ever seen. If your dad is into cars, this is perfect for him.

Fuel Cell Charger, $37,

For The Dad Who Has Everything

No dad will say no to a good pair of headphones, and these wireless Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats are the best.

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats 2 Wireless Headphones, $145,

For The Dad Who Is Constantly Working

If your dad is always on his laptop or travels a lot for work, get him a nice lap desk. The ventilation keeps the laptop cool, and also keeps him from burning himself. This makes it easy for him to use a mouse even if his laptop is in his lap.

iSkelter Slate Mobile Lapdesk, $100,

For The Stylish Dad

Who needs a white iPhone charger when you have this gorgeous charging dock? This bamboo dock lets your dad charge and display his tablet and phone at the same time. There is one for just a tablet or just an iPhone also.

Oak Charging Station for iPhone/iPad, $39.99,

For The Health Obsessed Dad

Looking to splurge on something awesome? Go for this Fitbit Charge. It tracks all activity, monitors sleep, syncs wirelessly to all smartphones, and has a super long battery life.

Fitbit Charge, $100,

For The Dad Who Travels A Lot

Some dads spend a lot of time in airplanes for their jobs. If that’s true for your dad, get him this luggage scale so that he never has to worry about what’s going to happen when he’s checking in at the airport.

Victorinox Digital Luggage Scale, $40,

For The Dad Who's Always In The Car

Driving and looking at your GPS on your phone don’t mix very well. Keep your dad safe and make his car ride easier with this mount that clips into the CD slot of his car. This is perfect for using the GPS or playing music.

Mountek nGroove Universal CD Slot Mount for Cell Phones, $23,

For The Super Organized Dad

If your dad is constantly writing down little notes and using his tablet, get him this pen. He can write regularly, and the pen transcribes his notes onto his tablet so they’re all in one easy spot. This is really great for the dad who wants to keep it old school at least a little bit.

Livescribe 3 Pen, $130,

For The Car Lover

Maybe your dad is super into cool cars. You might not be able to afford an actual Lamborghini, but you can afford this little one! This is the coolest computer mouse ever.

Wireless Lamborghini Mouse, $40,

For The Simple Dad

Dads usually don’t have a bag they carry around that holds all their stuff like we do. Most of their stuff goes in their pockets, so make it easier on your dad with this cell phone case that holds the important stuff. It’s perfect for days when he doesn’t need his entire wallet, like beach trips or camping.

Hex Solo iPhone6 Wallet Case, $40,