If Rory Gilmore & Amber Holt Swapped TV Shows...

On Monday, some huge news broke for Gilmore Girls and Parenthood fans. Mae Whitman shared a photo with Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham, which pretty much broke the Internet, especially for Rory Gilmore and Amber Holt fans. Of course, fans of the characters and their respective shows jumped for joy to see these two finally meet and take a picture together with Graham, who played mom (as Lorelai Gilmore and Sarah Braverman) to both. Well, Monday night, Whitman shared another picture with Bledel, because she just loves to make her fans extremely happy.

As you can see below, the actress is overjoyed to be standing next to Bledel. The same pretty much goes for Bledel, who looks both shocked and excited. Isn't it funny how much these two resemble each other? They could be sisters on and off the screen, for sure. And Whitman seems to think so, too. She captioned the photo as follows: "JK YALL! we decided to adopt each other; meet Rory and Amber Bravermore!!!!!"

The Bravermores? Yeah, I'm down with that. This new surname got me thinking: what if Rory and Amber swapped TV shows? That's right, what if Rory went to California to be on Parenthood, while Amber traveled to Stars Hollow to be on Gilmore Girls? Of course, it wouldn't be permanent, but just for a short bit.

Actually, not much would changed on the NBC and WB shows, because Rory and Amber are more alike than you might think. Check it out.

If Amber Visited Gilmore Girls...

She Would Love Lorelai

Hmm... I wonder why that would be?

Amber & Lane Would Hit It Off

Their honesty and openness would unite them as one. Plus, they both love music, so they'd have a lot to discuss.

She Would Probably Fall For Jess

Um... duh. Amber has a thing for the "bad boys," so it's bound to happen. Plus, who could resist that smile and leather jacket? (FYI, this would all happened before Amber meets her hubby, Jason Street.)

Stars Hollow Would Be Just Like The Bravermans

Similar to Amber's huge family, Stars Hollow would act like that big, quirky, dramatic, and loving family she can't get enough of.

Amber & Richard Would Connect

Just like Amber and Zeek's connection, Richard would probably find a special place into Amber's heart.

If Rory Gilmore Visited Parenthood...

She Would Love Sarah

I have a feeling these two would really hit it off...

She'd Have A Lot In Common With Haddie

These two would bond over many things, including their ambitions, goals, education, and being close with their families.

Rory & Drew Might Have A Spark

You never know. Rory's smart, attractive, and fun. Drew is family-oriented, going after his dreams, and is super cute. Yeah, these two just might have a little somethin,' somethin'.

The Bravermans Wouldn't Scare Her Away

Thanks to Stars Hollow (aka Rory's other family), she'd have no problem fitting in with the Bravermans, their craziness, and their drama. Actually, she'd probably love it.

Rory & Zeek Would Totally Bond

Like Amber and Richard, Rory and Zeek would connect. They just adore their grandpas, and can you blame them?

Overall, there isn't much of a difference, is there? It's like Rory and Amber never left their original TV homes or shows. So... when will Graham, Bledel, and Whitman all star together? Let's make it happen, people, because I need more moments like these, stat:

Images: MaeWhitman/Twitter; sundaystorms, lukesdane, youwillgofar, nbcparenthood (3), april-kepner/Tumblr; Giphy (4)