Can The 'Stitchers' Trust Their Leader Maggie?

Detective Fisher has strong words for Maggie Baptiste on Stitchers. "I think you may be the Devil," Fisher said. "I'm not. But, I admire his closing rate," Maggie responded. I've got to agree with Detective Fisher to an extent. At the very least, Maggie Baptiste seems to be hiding something. The head of the Stitchers program (on ABC Family's new series of the same name), is definitely a woman of many secrets. But, can she be trusted?

In the pilot, we learn from Maggie that Kirsten's father and Ed Clark had created the Stitchers program together. Maggie was willing to let Kirsten stitch into Ed, to find out how he was killed, because Kirsten didn't believe it was murder. And to be fair, neither do I. But, within mere days, Maggie made a switcheroo and forced Kirsten to solve a different case before stitching into Ed. Of course, by the time Kirsten solves the case, it's too late to go into Ed's memories as they are compromised.

Kirsten accused Maggie of hiding things from her about her father, Ed, and basically her entire childhood. Maggie did say that she'll give her all of Ed's personal possessions so Kirsten can investigate his death all she wants. Still, there's something about Maggie that just screams untrustworthy.

She demands that the team stay hidden but then allows them to do field work. Plus, she didn't really tell Kirsten all of the details of her job before having her stitch into her first body. In fact, she tells her next to nothing, and it's Cameron who fills in most of the blanks. We also find out in the second episode "Friends In Low Places," that Maggie hired Kirsten's roommate Camille to spy on Kirsten. She had Camille get her on academic suspension so Kirsten would be desperate enough to take the Stitchers job when Maggie presented it to her. Clearly the woman has ulterior motives for everything.

So, is she just another mysterious government agent who trades in secrets and classified information because it's her job? Or is there more below the surface? Well, the show wouldn't be very interesting if no one had any secrets — even Cameron seems to secretly visiting previous stitcher Marta in the hospital. My belief? Maggie could be a double agent, working for someone to take down the Stitchers program, or to do something even more nefarious. And, as much as I love Kristen, let's hope it's something more nefarious because that's just always more fun.

Images: Adam Taylor, Screenshot/ABC Family