This Is How Many People Now Support Gay Marriage

For the first time in 20 years, support for same-sex marriage is in the majority in America. A new Pew Research Center survey has found that not only do the majority of Americans support same-sex marriage, at 57 percent, but 72 percent believe that it’s “inevitable” that same-sex marriage will be legally recognized — as it should be. Supporting same-sex isn’t just about being on the right side of history, but about ensuring that everyone, not matter their sexual orientation, are allowed to love and have that love recognized by their country.

This is a very import month for the LGBT community. Perfectly coinciding with Pride Month, the Supreme Court is set to rule on same-sex marriage by the end of June. We have come a long way, as the Pew survey proves, but we’re still not where we should be. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will bring us into the future and put us in the same category as Ireland where, despite their strong hold on religion, were able to get gay marriage the legal rights it deserve.

The results of this most recent Pew Research Center survey proves that in addition to support for gay marriage being on the rise, there are other aspects about homosexuality that people are finally accepting. Here are five things to know about how Americans support (or don’t) same-sex marriage.

1. Support For Gay Marriage Is At An All Time High

In the 20 years since the first time the Pew Research Center polled people on the topic, support for gay marriage is higher than it’s ever been, and it’s rising. Five years ago only 42 percent of Americans supported gay marriage, but now that number is at a glorious 57 percent.

2. Majority of Americans Think You Can’t Change From Gay To Straight

While religious fanatics might be big fans of trying to change gay men and lesbians into straight individuals, the majority, at 60 percent, know that you just can’t change your sexuality. This percentage is up by 18 points since 2003 and nine points from 2012. But despite this, 40 percent think being gay is a lifestyle choice, and seven percent think you become gay because of your upbringing. What?!

Almost half of those polled, 47 percent, believe that you’re actually “born gay,” you know, because you are.

3. Democrats Are More Likely To Support Gay Marriage

Well, well, well… no surprises here, right? According to the survey only 34 percent of Republicans support gay marriage, whereas 65 percent of Democrats and independents support it. I guess it's a good thing that our next president will be a liberal female to keep things in check wink, wink.

4. Most Americans Think Homosexuality Should Be Accepted

No matter someone's stance on gay marriage, at least accepting homosexuality is in the majority. Although 30 percent of people think that it shouldn’t be accepted at all (probably the same people who think it’s a "lifestyle choice"), 65 percent feel that society needs to get with the program and just accept it already. It’s not like someone else’s homosexuality is affecting your life in any way, shape, or form, so just live and let live already.

5. Whites And Hispanics Are More Likely To Support Gay Marriage

Although both Hispanics and whites are in the majority when it comes to supporting gay marriage at 56 and 59 percent, respectively, members of the black community aren’t so convinced that gay marriage should be legal. In fact, only 41 percent of blacks think the law should recognize same-sex marriage.

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