15 Wedding Tattoos To Consider Getting On Your Big Day, 'Cause Nothing Says Forever Like Permanent Ink

Nothing says long term love like wedding tattoos. Or, say you eschew the institutional confines of traditional weddings, nothing says long term love like permanent ink that symbolizes an everlasting commitment to one another. Any way you look at it, the allure of an inked-on tattoo is perfect for letting the world know you are in love.

More couples than ever are finding new ways to express their love. From same sex marriage support in the Supreme Court, to increasing awareness around transgender rights due to Caitlyn Jenner's transition, there's more space in our society to love who you want, any way you want. For those who don't adhere to the fairy tale wedding fantasy, tattoo wedding rings can strike the balance you're seeking. Not only are they a fabulous companion for non-traditional engagement rings, they look absolutely spectacular with alternative wedding dresses.

If that's not all enough to send you to the nearest drive through chapel and tattoo parlor, when you and your beloved opt for ring finger tattoos there are so many additional perks: You will never lose your wedding ring. No one can steal it (unless you lose a finger to some cruel loan sharks). It's uniquely customizable to your personal style. Oh, and there is no negative association with blood diamonds. So go on, get inspired by these 15 ideas for wedding tattoos.

1. Tattoo Parlor Bride

Nothing says "making it official" like going full glam while getting inked.

2. Infinity Symbols

Sweet, simple, and full of forever.

3. Elegant Inscriptions

Scrolling initials to let everyone know where your heart belongs.

4. Single Letter Rings

One letter to rule them all.

5. Holy Matrimony Messages

You'll never forget to remember your vows.

6. The Wedding Date Ring

This tattoo serves as a special memory and absolutely zero excuses for forgotten anniversaries.

7. The Full Commit Partnership Statement

There's no question these two are part of a team.

8. The 90's Kid Cartoon Rings

Love takes many forms.

9. The Simple Wedding Band.

The perfect foil for your fabulous nail art.

10. The Henna Full Hand Tattoo


If you know your love is everlasting but only want a temporary tattoo, replicate the mehendi art of this Indian bride.

11. The Statement Heart

For the woman who can't help but wear her heart on her sleeve.

12. The Sneaky Heart

A more conservative option for your permanent ink.

13. Roman Numeral Bands

Mark the date the classical way.

14. Up-The-Arm Lion Love

When your romance is too big to be expressed on a mere finger.

15. The Robot Heart

For tech geeks and burning man music fans alike.