The Marriage Proposal No One Could Say No To

by Doyin Oyeniyi

OK, I know the recent McDonald's proposal may have soured the taste of food-based marriage proposals for you, but hear me out on this one: Pizza. That’s it. I don’t mean rings strategically placed in the center of a pie or taped to the inside of a delivery box. I mean just straight up proposing with a slice pizza. Why not spice up the traditional proposal and engagement photo by replacing the ring with a delicious slice of pizza? One guy has already proposed with a chicken nugget, so even though it seems like a joke, pizza proposals might be coming sooner than you realize.

Reddit user, Motha_Effin_Kitty_Yo, might be onto something with this thread of pizza proposals. As we saw with the guy who proposed at McDonald's, people can and do turn down marriage proposals, but who can turn down pizza? Nobody. You just can’t go wrong with pizza. If only the McDonald's proposal guy and his (ex?) girlfriend had had their first date at Dominos or Pizza Hut, he might have had better luck.

To submit to this thread, reddit users have to upload an engagement picture with a punny pizza-related caption and a pizza edited in to replace the ring. Here are some of the most impressive slices of pizza. These pictures will touch your heart (and your stomach). So enjoy, and start planning your next meal and your proposal accordingly.

1. "Sandy... [will] you marrynara me?"

Clearly Sandy is overwhelmed by how perfect that slice of pizza looks.

2. "Will you accept this pizza my heart?"

Is that a deluxe pizza?! He went to Jared.

3. "Imma let you finish...this slice."

I'm going to assume that is a diamond-filled crust.

4. "Pizza me. Pizza you."

Progressive and poetic!

5. "Pepperohmygoodness look at the size of that ring."

Pizza is forever...

6. "May I have this ham in marriage?"

There are way too many olives on that pizza. No wonder she doesn't look impressed.

7. "Love at first bite."

I'm not sure which is more beautiful, the location or that slice.

8. "Oh my pizza pie."

Sure every girl loves a big slice of pizza, but it doesn't hurt to add some personal touches like messages on the wall.

9. "On the bridge of the USS Enterpizza: ENGAGE"

OK, this one is perfect enough on its own.

Congratulations to these couples! I wish them cheesy bliss.

Images: Imgur (9)