6 Matthew Lewis Quotes About Friendship

Matthew Lewis knows a thing or two about friendship — and not just from playing his Harry Potter character. Of course, when the actor was portraying Neville Longbottom, he showed the ultimate sign of bravery by standing up for his friends in the face of pure evil, but it is worth mentioning that in real life, Matthew Lewis places quite a high value on his friends, as well.

The 25-year-old has spoken about how the friends that he made long before he starred in the Potter films have helped keep him grounded in the midst of skyrocketing to international fame. He has also talked about being on a great terms with the cast mates who starred alongside him in the wildly popular movie series. It seems like he not only appreciates the camaraderie of the people around him, but also the deep connection that comes from knowing someone for a very long time or on a much stronger level.

We've already explored the reasons why Lewis is celeb crush worthy for reasons other than being, well, hot. So here are some of the best quotes he's said about friendship. If these don't convince you, nothing will!

1. On Having Friends By His Side

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"The one thing I insist on if I’m asked to do something is: Can I bring a mate? So, if I’m in New York doing an interview with USA Today or whatever, it’s nice to be able to look across the room and see my mate Nick from Otley. It keeps me on the ground," he said in an interview with The Telegraph.

2. On Friends He Knew Before Acting

As to the Telegraph: "I was so lucky: I know a few of the other [Harry Potter stars] had problems [as far as their fame affecting their lives at school]. In the early years, I kept to myself, though I had friends from before Potter, and I’m still friends with them today. They’ve helped me keep my feet on the ground," he said.

3. On Becoming Friends With His Potter Costars


"In the last film, shooting the big courtyard scene with Ralph Fiennes and Jason Isaacs and all the other guys it was just on a level. That’s not to say I’m on a level with Ralph Fiennes because I’m not, but it felt as if we were all mates doing a job together," he continued.

4. On Wanting To Work With His Peers Again

"It's not something that I'm desperate to get away from in such a way that I can't work with any of them. I'd love to — Dan, in particular. I think Dan is such a committed actor. He works so hard and so tirelessly that you can't help but be inspired when you're around him on a film set. I'd love to work with Dan again," he said in a Radio Times interview.

5. On Depending On Friends Off Set

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"And, I just don't see any reason, just because people know who you are, that you have to be any different. And I think if I was, my friends would let me know. And I'm glad about that," he said in an on-set interview during the Half-Blood Prince.

6. On Non-Famous Friends

"None of them get jealous or anything like that. And it's just a close group of friends I've got back home that they just deal with it. And the fact that they can have a laugh with it is great and all that," he said in the same Half-Blood Prince interview.

And that's honestly a beautiful thing. Kudos to Lewis!Images (3): Getty Images