7 Reasons Matthew Lewis & Sam Claflin Make Great Friends, It's Not Only Because They Wear Matching Outfits — PHOTOS

What do Harry Potter's Neville Longbottom and The Hunger Games' Finnick Odair have in common? Not only are they two beloved characters in both the books and films, but it seems the actors who portray them are real-life besties. Did you know that Matthew Lewis and Sam Claflin are great friends? It probably has something to do with the fact that they just shot a movie, Me Before You, together. Also, it's probably because these two are all-around great guys (and lookers) that they just can't help but bond.

Ever since the two began filming their new movie, which also stars Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke, they've been showcasing their friendship across social media. From posting adorable photos to wearing the same outfits to constantly retweeting one another, Claflin and Lewis have been inseparable.

Similar to how Lewis is close with his Harry Potter co-stars, it appears he just can't help but make friends wherever he goes. Apparently, the same goes for Claflin. I guess we should all thank whoever cast them in Me Before You, otherwise we wouldn't have this glorious friendship.

With that said, here are seven reasons Lewis and Claflin make great friends, because, yes Harry Potter and Hunger Games actors can get along.

1. They Love To Dress Alike

Nothing says BFFs better than two friends wearing the same outfit. They pull it off so well, don't they?

2. They Share A Birthday


The actors were both born on June 27, despite being three years apart (Claflin is older). Who wants to help me throw a joint birthday party for them?

3. They Don't Like Being Apart

After Lewis wrapped Me Before You, Claflin expressed his sorrow on Twitter. Can you say "swoon"?

4. They Like To Take Long Walks

Good friends know how to take a nice, long stroll, and talk about life. Anyone else jealous?

5. They Compliment One Another

You know Claflin and Lewis are good friends because they can't help but say nice things about one another. Friendship goals, people.

6. They Love To Retweet Each Other

It's all about showing support and love on Twitter, which is exactly what these two do.

7. They Both Played Heroes

Both Finnick and Neville were heroes — at least in my eyes. I bet Claflin and Lewis have in depth conversations about how amazing and heroic their characters were.

Keep bringing on the lessons in friendship, guys.

Images: Getty Image (2); Matthew Lewis, Sam Claflin/Twitter; Giphy (2)