Where Are They Now: Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, LFO & More Boy Band Members

Not everyone can be Justin Timberlake. Think about your favorite boy bands from when you were growing up, odds are none of their members are doing that well — unless you're thinking about NSYNC, of course.

The rest have probably popped up here and there on reality TV, attempted to have acting or solo music careers, but generally lived quiet lives. Except for the select few, who have gone where no one would have expected, like Jeff Timmons. The 98 Degrees member is currently starring in a traveling male stripper show, which he also co-created. And don't worry 98 Degrees fans, he does perform some of the boy band's hits.

Timmons isn't the only one who took a surprising path after the glory days ended, here are a few other former boy band-ers and what they've been up to.

Justin Jeffre, 98 Degrees

Janette Pellegrini/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The other non-Lachey of 98 Degrees has become a political activist in Cincinnati. He was arrested during an Occupy protest in 2011 and even ran for mayor in 2005.

Howie Dorough, Backstreet Boys

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Dorough's post-music work is surpising because of how normal it is. He founded a real estate development company with his brother, and gave it a kind of hilarious name: Sweet D, Inc.

Chris Kirkpatrick, NSYNC

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One of the forgotten members of NSYNC has largely gone the standard reality route, but with one amazing detour. He voiced the character Chip Skylark on a few episodes of Nickelodeon's The Fairly OddParents, and sang this classic.

Joey Fatone, NSYNC

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The other forgotten member of NSYNC takes the prize for most reality show sampling, and has the distinct honor of hosting many of them. Some of his stranger roles include hosting the pre-show for the 2009 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and currently serving as the announcer for Family Feud.

A.J. McLean, Backstreet Boys

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McLean has somehow managed to have two separate solo careers after Backstreet Boys, thanks to his alter ego Johnny No Name, which he sometimes uses instead of you know, his actual name.

Brad Fischetti, LFO

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You might not know Fischetti's name or even recognize LFO, but you're definitely familiar with their hit song "Summer Girls." It didn't lead to any success for the trio and now Fischetti protests abortion clinics and livetweets about it. It may not be a job but it sure does take up a lot of his time.

Brian Littrell, Backstreet Boys

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Between Backstreet Boys reunions and cruises, Littrell is also a Christian artist. He had a pretty popular single called "Welcome Home" and co-hosted the GMA Dove Awards, an awards show for Christian and Gospel music, in 2007.

Donnie Wahlberg, New Kids on the Block

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I think we're all well aware of how successful Wahlberg's younger brother Marky Mark became, but Donnie isn't doing too bad thanks to procedural dramas. First he starred in a few short-lived shows, before finding success with CBS's Blue Bloods.