CarCrash Is Back On On 'Finding Carter'

Every time Crash returns to Finding Carter Season 2, I start to like him a little bit more. On Tuesday night's episode, "Wrecking Ball," Crash returned to Finding Carter from basic training to be met with the drama of Max and Carter's hook-up — talk about an extremely disappointing return. But, thankfully, Crash seems to be much more forgiving than Taylor because, by the end of the episode, CarCrash got back together and I'm actually rooting for them this time. Sure, it involved a death, police action, and a lot of tears (really, did we expect anything less?), but I honestly think that Carter might be better for it.

I'm the first Finding Carter fan in a group to remind everyone that, once upon a time, Crash shot Max and pretty much left him to die. And I'm kind of still not over it — so, it says a lot that I'm actually supporting Carter and Crash getting back together at this point. Don't get me wrong, I never doubted that Crash and Carter actually had real feelings for each other, but they certainly weren't the best pairing in the world back in Season 1. But, Crash's post-basic training maturity is a breath of fresh air and, after all, if Max can forgive him, I suppose I can, too.

The most important thing about these two getting back together at this point in Season 2, however, is that it's going to add a lot of structure to Carter's crazy mess of a life. So far, Carter in Season 2 has been dominated by whatever's going on with Lori or whatever Lori has planned to manipulate her next and it's been heartbreaking. With Crash back in her life, forgiving her without question for what happened with Max, Carter has the opportunity to focus on a relationship that actually makes her feel good and supports her — now that Crash is finally capable of doing so.

If she's spending her weekends at the base and every other spare minute of her existence video-chatting, Instagramming, and being in love with Crash, Carter's not going to have any time to wallow on what went down with Lori. If Maxlor can't get back together any time soon, I have absolutely no second thoughts about throwing my support behind CarCrash this season. They're going places.

Images: screengrab/MTV; findingcarter/Tumblr