Lululemon Is Back & Ready For Summer

In an increasingly competitive field, Lululemon is still a force to be reckoned with for fashionable fitness wear. As reported in Fashionista, the first fiscal quarter for Lululemon was stronger than anticipated in both revenue and profit. This report raised the bar for its full-year sales forecast, and all indicators point to continued growth.

Even though Lululemon had a rough patch with too-sheer designs and less than body-positive comments from Chip Wilson, the company's founder, consumers seem to have forgiven Wilson and are more in love with the brand than ever before. Lululemon CEO Laurent Potdevin boiled the quarterly success down to several key components: more fashion-forward offerings, an expanding men's business, community development through local marketing initiatives, and gradual global expansion (Lulu recently opened in Singapore and will be hitting up Hong Kong and Dubai later this year).

E-commerce is another hotspot for Lululemon, with sales up 31 percent this quarter. Kind of ironic to be sitting on your couch shopping for athletic wear, no? But whatever, I personally love e-commerce and totally took this news as a reason to see what Lululemon has out lately. Potdevin was right y'all, Lululemon's style game is on point this season, and I've rounded up some of my favorite pieces I would A) happily rock at the gym B) get juice or coffee in after without feeling like I looked like a gym monster. #Win

5 Cutest Lululemon Looks To Love This Season

1. Fringe Fighter Headband

I'm a total SoulCycle headbobber that has to get into the music to survive 45 minutes of cycling, and this headband has never let me down. It's final sale, so act fast if ya dig it!

(Fringe Fighter Headband, $18, Lululemon)

2. 5 Year Basic V

Full disclosure: my boyfriend owns this shirt so I'm totally biased toward its awesomeness. He runs in it. I sleep in it (post-run and laundry). Win win.

(Men's Basic V, $54, Lululemon)

3. Secret Sock

These look so comfy and perfect to slip under Toms that rub just a bit!

(Secret Sock, $14, Lululemon)

4. Om Bag

I'm always down for a giant bag that will fit my laptop, workout gear, water bottle, and high heels without basically being a suitcase to drag on the subway. This one looks like a solid option!

(Om bag, $128, Lululemon)

5. Salty Swim Hipster

Okay, with a name like "Salty Swim Hipster," these pieces probably could've looked like a garbage bag and I'd still be excited. Lucky for hipsters everywhere, these swim separates are totally adorable and come in a super fun slew of colors neon pastels.

(Salty Swim Hipster, $48, Lululemon)

Image Credits: Lululemon/Instagram; Lululemon