National Iced Tea Day Is Here, So Celebrate With 12 Iced Tea Recipes That Are Beyond Refreshing

June 10 is National Iced Tea Day, and that means it's time to get brewing. I definitely prefer tea over coffee on most days. I drink hot tea in the morning usually, but as the days grow ever hotter, I start to crave some refreshing iced tea. Like summer-centric beers, there is just something so satisfying about sipping down an icy glass of tea on a hot day. But as much as I love the classic green or black iced tea, I think we should explore some unique and flavorful ice tea recipes to celebrate National Iced Tea Day!

Image: Offbeat + Inspired

Afternoon Tea Cocktail

Who said tea time couldn’t include booze? Add a bunch of ice cubes, and it’ll be great for afternoon porch sipping.

Image and recipe: A Spicy Perspective

Orange-Cinnamon Iced Tea

Lemon is the standard tea addition, but orange works just as well — and a touch of cinnamon does wonders to make this tasty.

Image and recipe: Offbeat + Inspired

Jasmine Green Milk Tea Boba

Boba tea is still tea — even with the fun little jelly bubbles!

Image and recipe: Adventures in Cooking

Ginger Rose And Black Tea Cocktail

Another boozy tea cocktail that is shareable and delicious on hot summer days.

Image and recipe: A Better Happier St. Sebastian

Hibiscus Ginger Iced Tea

I love the bright, summery color of this tea, and the unique hibiscus flavor.

Image and recipe: A Spicy Perspective

Chai Iced Tea

Skip the Oprah Chai, and make one of your own.

Image and recipe: A Cozy Kitchen

Lemon Iced Tea

It’s hard to beat the classic lemon iced tea on a sweltering afternoon.

Image and recipe: The Kitchen Alchemist

Raspberry Peach Iced Tea

Peach + iced tea = the taste of summer.

Image and recipe: Damn Delicious

Sweet Tea

This one goes out to all my southern belles!

Image and recipe: A Spicy Perspective

Vanilla Honey Iced Tea Lemonade

A sweetened twist on the Arnold Palmer.

Image and recipe: Cookie Monster Cooking

Thai Iced Tea

Like boba, Thai iced tea is milky, refreshing, and exotic.

Image and recipe: Against All Grain

Iced Jasmine Mint Green Tea

The combo of jasmine, green tea, and mint is guaranteed to cool you down.

Image and recipe: Savory Sweet Life