Charles' Torture Games Are Sick On 'PLL'

Did you think you had Charles figured out? I mean, he has "a soul," right? Well, it doesn't necessarily sound like it now that "Songs of Innocence" revealed how Charles tortured Liars on Pretty Little Liars . I may have been convinced that A's games were sick way back when Ella's car was filled with bees, but those games have nothing on what Charles did to the Liars during those three weeks in the Dollhouse. Hanna revealed during Tuesday's episode that, while the girls were locked in their fake bedrooms, Charles "played games" with them — aka Charles forced the Liars to torture one another.

Spoilers revealed early on that Pretty Little Liars Season 6 would be significantly darker than the past five seasons, but Tuesday's episode is particularly difficult to watch. And it only got worse once Hanna started explaining to Ashley (in her totally demolished room) that Charles forced the girls to play his version of Truth or Dare, choose who would get water or food, and choose who they loved more — one of their friends or Charles. If you thought that your heart could only break at the thought of Haleb breaking up, you were wrong. Because nothing breaks your heart like watching a flashback of Spencer or Emily being forced to "choose one or they all suffer." Trust me.

It's obvious that Charles tried desperately to break the girls' bond while they were trapped in their rooms for those three weeks. Luckily, he failed — he probably should've taken into account how strong their friendship has become after being terrorized for five seasons. But Emily made a great point to her mother — what would things be like if the Liars had been locked down there for two years like Sara Harvey? I don't even want to imagine it.

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Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family