Jason Might Know More Than We Thought On 'PLL'

There's no Charles DiLaurentis? Yeah, OK, Mr. D — we believe you almost as much as we believe that the Liars are safer outside of the Dollhouse. And, thankfully, his children don't believe him either. Ali started looking for answers during Tuesday night's "Songs of Innocence," even after her father totally shut her down, and she might have just stumbled onto something. Leave it up to Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis to leave almost a literal paper trail to their darkest secret. But, if we put that totally obvious photo album aside, there's something even bigger happening here — in the promo for next week's "Songs of Experience," it seems like Pretty Little Liars Jason DiLaurentis might remember Charles. So, yes, Charles DiLaurentis — or "Charlie" as he, allegedly, was once affectionately known — does exist, people.

At the end of Tuesday's episode, PLL showed Ali looking through an old family album with baby pictures of herself and Jason, but there was obviously something missing. A number of photos had been — very obviously, might I add — been removed from the book and not replaced with new ones. Who was in those photos? Why were they removed? The answers to all of those questions all point, unsurprisingly, to Charles. The promo for next week's Pretty Little Liars, also unsurprisingly, seems to be hellbent on answering that one question that's been haunting us since the Season 5 finale — Who is Charles DiLaurentis? And it really seems like Jason might have most of the answers:

Which brings up one new question — Why didn't Ali just ask Jason about Charles after her father shut her down? But, her poor detective skills aside, Pretty Little Liarsis officially that much closer to its biggest reveal of all.

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Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family