Kristen Is Ready To Fight On 'RHONY'

You probably don't usually pay much attention to those taglines that the Housewives say during their respective shows' opening credits, do you? However, you might remember Kristen Taekman's Real Housewives of New York City tagline for Season 6, "I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm pretty," because of just how ridiculous it was. Now Kristen is spending all of Season 7 of RHONY desperately trying to prove she's more than just pretty, especially when it comes to what Bethenny Frankel thinks of her.

Just when Bethenny thought she resolved one conflict with Heather Thomson at the top of Tuesday night's episode, she was almost right back where she started, making a new enemy out of Kristen. Earlier in the episode, we learned that Kristen was in the process of launching a new line of nail polish at the beauty store Ricky's NYC called Pop of Color. She said she had trademarked the name, but it soon got back to Kristen that Bethenny questioned her business acumen and intelligence.

Kristen was not having this at all. After Bethenny and Ramona Singer gave her the cold shoulder at the party at Ramona's new restaurant, Kristen was like a bull waiting to burst out of her pen and lunge at Bethenny. It also didn't help that Bethenny blew her off a second time when she was unreasonably being attacked by Luann de Lesseps for getting so emotional over Heather's interest in her life in the Berkshires. However, Bethenny did make time to hear Ramona's very important PSA about chicken, but given the choice between food and talking to Kristen, you know you'd do the same.

Kristen finally got a hold of Bethenny and confronted her about the Pop of Color shade (see what I did there?)... for a hot second. When Bethenny realized Kristen was locked and loaded to attack her, she wanted nothing to do with it and aborted the situation stat. Kristen even chased after her as a last-ditch-effort to try and get Bethenny to finally hear her and pay attention to her. But Bethenny was just not interested.

Heather and Kristen's drama with Bethenny is actually very similar. They both admire and respect Bethenny so much that they really want to be a part of her life. However, what I've learned from watching Bethenny on TV over the years is that the more you push yourself into her life, the more she pulls away. As we've heard her talk about this season, she's having a harder time than ever trusting people enough to let them into her life. If you want Bethenny to be your friend, you need to let her come to you.

So just chill, ladies, and you should be in the Skinny Girl posse in no time.

Images: Giovanni Rufino/Bravo; bricesander/Tumblr