This Stylish Goat Rides Melbourne Public Transit

Despite the fact that Melbourne's public transportation has a policy that does not allow farm animals (weird, right?), a goat fashionista rode on Public Transport Victoria. Yeah, you read that correctly — goat. But this wasn't just any goat. It was a freaking fabulous fashion sa-a-a-avy goat. The goat's stylin' #OOTD consisted of a navy blue bucket hat — equipped with two holes at the top for the ears to pop out — and a bandana scarf. Clearly this goat was going for a hard, street look. Perhaps even inspired by Hood By Air? And can't forget about the adorable goat's fur dye job. This goat was rocking a cow-inspired look with the sporadic splotches of white all over.

Alright, jokes aside — this goat's fur is probably au natural, but this animal is quickly becoming a fashion icon. If you're one of the lucky folks who live in Melbourne or can take a ride on Public Transport Victoria, be sure to keep a vigilante eye out for this stylish goat. The owner was spotted at the electronic gates before getting onto public transportation, pondering how to get her fashionista goat through.

I wonder what other outfits this goat's owner has lined up.

Image: @jezinkew/Twitter