Will 'PLL' Season 6 Have Another Shooting?

As Tuesday night's new episode revealed, the Pretty Little Liars are out of the dollhouse, and each is dealing with the aftermath in a different way. Spencer is struggling with her lack of anti-anxiety medication due to her past drug issues. Hanna has taken to extreme interior decorating. Aria is lying lying lying. Lastly, Emily has taken up a new hobby: spending time at the firing range. The fact that Emily has a gun makes me very nervous, and now I'm convinced that someone will get shot on Pretty Little Liars Season 6.

I certainly don't blame Emily for turning to the firing range as a release. As we learn during the episode, "Songs of Innocence," she used to spend time with her dad there, and he taught her how to use a gun. However, her dad is still off on an army base far away from Rosewood. Meanwhile, Emily cracked the code to the family's safe which is full of different guns and ammunition. I get that Emily has just been through a horribly traumatic event, and she doesn't want to feel helpless ever again. I totally get that. But I still don't think a gun is the answer.

Plus, that gun has given me a bad case of paranoia. PLL has just introduced a gun for this season, and Chekhov's gun just so happens to be my favorite literary device. It basically states that now that a gun has been introduced, at some point, it has to go off. Sometimes Chekhov's gun is just a proverbial gun, with certain elements of a story leading up to events that will happen in the final act of the story, like how PLL has been teasing a dollhouse for years but didn't actually introduce it until the end of Season 5 (though I doubt any of us ever guessed that it would be a giant life-sized dollhouse full of terrifying things). But in this case, it is a literal gun.

There's a little voice now in the back of my head saying that someone is going to get shot before the end of Season 6A. I don't know if it'll be Emily doing the shooting herself, but I'm willing to bet half of Charles' extreme net worth that someone takes a bullet by the end of "Game Over, Charles." Will it be Charles? Will Emily actually be the one to take him down? Or could it possibly be someone else — could she shoot Andrew?

The set up for a shootout is now there in Rosewood. Also, take into the fact that it appears Ali is going to cozy up to new cop Lorenzo, and he's got a gun. Toby's got a gun. Emily has a whole safe full of guns that she's not supposed to touch. PLL is setting up for something so we should all start bracing for the worst.

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Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; prettylittleliars/Tumblr