Jaden Smith Is Heading To Netflix

From collaborating on a song with Justin Bieber to dropping confusing and bizarre bombs of wisdom on social media, Jaden Smith has been everything from an actor to a guru and back again. However, the actor portion of his resume has gone undeveloped since 2013's After Earth — at least until now. According to E! News, Smith has joined the Netflix series The Get Down, a new Baz Luhrmann music-driven drama that seems perfect for the 16-year-old. If it's anything like Empire, Nashville, or Glee, then it will allow the teenager to flex his musical skills as well as his acting skills. Even if it's not anything like Empire, Nashville, or Glee, at least we'll see a return to screen for Smith in something that isn't an interview or a picture of his bold fashion choices.

"Smith will star as Marcus 'Dizzie' Kipling who is a psychedelically talented and enigmatic graffiti writer raised in the South Bronx," E! reports, while adding that the series takes place in the disco and hippie era. That's just about the greatest thing I have ever heard, because it probably means that we'll get to see Smith all dolled up in some unique fashions on the show as well. Seriously, art is imitating life so much right now that I'm having trouble figuring out where Jaden Smith's life ends and Dizzie Kipling's begins.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Of course, Dizzie is a graffiti artist — something Luhrmann mentions in his statement that Smith is learning from "graffiti artist Lady Pink of 'Wild Style' fame" — while Smith is an actor and rapper, so there's a clear separation between the two already. However, it just goes to show that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have produced two of the most talented children in all of Hollywood, and that the next generation of the Smith clan hardly feels the need to confine themselves to one artistic medium. Maybe Jaden Smith will learn all about graffiti art and make that his next project even after The Get Down has ended. Maybe his involvement in The Get Down will inspire him to take on even more acting jobs (this is the kid who may or may not be our live action Static Shock, after all). Maybe he'll put out another album like 2015's This Is The Album.

Basically, the world is this 16-year-old's oyster at the moment, and I am both jealous and excited to see what opportunities will come his way as a result of The Get Down. It's not like I needed more reasons to be excited for the upcoming Netflix series, but Smith's addition to the cast is definitely a bonus. I've already got my fingers crossed that they find a way to work Willow Smith into an episode or storyline as Dizzie's sister or cousin or something. I'm a sucker for a family cameo, and the Smith siblings are so talented that their skills would only be enhanced by featuring them in the series together.

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