Photographer Sculpts Food Into Delicious Emojis

Emojis speak louder than words, so it seemed pretty much inevitable that they'd take over fashion and now (thankfully) food. I mean, truly the union of emoji and food has got to be one of the highest caliber of holy unions, right? It's EMOJI. And FOOD. Any arguments against this are invalid. In further evidence supporting my case, the Scottish photographer making emojis out of food and posting the results to Instagram is basically doing a public service.

Heather Adamson gets that sometimes in order to send the intended message, you need more than just some crummy icing tube attachment to spell out feelings in crappy cursive writing. I mean, birthday cakes are easy to mess up, as it turns out (or spectacularly win, depending on your point of view). I know I definitely acknowledge the sweet gesture when ANYONE nods to my birthday and existence via a cake, perhaps one with my name or the correct number of candles on it (an increasingly worrisome fire hazard, TBH). However, I'm not even much of a sweets person. If someone were to award me a sheet of nachos (surely they are available in such a display) with fixings arranged to the likeness of the cool guy emoji—well, I'd just flip. And you're gonna flip for these designs Adams pulled off in a terrifically delicious way:

Adamson poses an important question: What is your most-used emoji? I wonder if it's along the lines of the annual Spotify "here's the track you listened to most this year even though you're probably going to be disappointed and unlikely to share the truth." Here's mine:

Welp. I guess that's that. At least the cool guy is in there! Not sure the deal re: the bonnet, but whatever.

Images: fresheather/Instagram; Beca Grimm