The Best Video You Will See All Day

Sometimes, a video comes along that is just so amazing, you're not even prepared for it. Today, that video is this — and of course, it stars Nick Offerman. Thanks to Made Man, all of our lives have now been blessed with a clip of Nick Offerman's mustache performing a Flashdance to promote Movember. It's almost too great/wacky/weird/beautiful to describe; you'll all just have to watch it and experience the magic firsthand, the way it's intended. I will, however, say that Nick Offerman's mustache has the moves.

Movember is, of course, to honor men's health awareness — for those not familiar, men are encouraged to not shave their facial hair for the entire month of November to honor Movember, and to raise money for charity. It's a wonderful cause, made even better by the fact that mustache king Nick Offerman is the spokesman: Back in October, he appeared in a video breaking down the history of the mustache, because if anyone's qualified to talk about the history of the mustache, it's that guy. He's automatically an expert.

You can check out Offerman's mustache's Flashdance — stachedance! — tribute below. You can also donate to the Movember cause by heading over here.

Image: Mad Man