The Best Ways To Spike Your Fave Iced Tea

by Jaime Ritter

Well whaddya know — June 10th is National Iced Tea Day! A little fun fact: While hot tea has been around for centuries, Americans popularized the icy version. And as an added bonus, our country has been sippin' on boozy iced tea for as far back as the Colonial era. I mean, a refreshing glass of iced tea is great, but a refreshing glass of alcoholic iced tea is even better. That's just how it goes.

I was a little late to the iced tea game. Growing up in South Florida, I never really grew up drinking sweet tea — but when I moved to Birmingham, Alabama for college, that was forever changed. In the South, sweet tea is like a religion, and you're pretty much the devil if you include anything less than 87 cups of sugar.

If you think I'm joking, come to Birmingham and I will buy you a cup of Milo's sweet tea (a.k.a. delicious, southern maple syrup over ice). There's actually a saying here that's printed on T-shirts, and it says, "Here in the South, we don't hide crazy. We parade it on the front porch and give it a sweet tea." See? Sweet tea and southern hospitality just go together.

Say what you will about the South, but southerners truly know how to relax. There's nothing like kicking back on your porch after a long, hot summer day, and drinking some sweet tea — especially if there's booze in it!

In honor of National Iced Tea Day, here are five spiked iced tea recipes for you to parade your crazy with on the porch.

1. Sweet Tea Bourbon Cocktail With Fresh Mint And Orange

This infused sweet tea cocktail from Joy the Baker balances the woody flavor of bourbon with lighter, summery notes of citrus and mint. This cocktail is the perfect crowd pleaser — meaning both your boyfriend and your besties will love it! Try making it in large batches for your next summer soirée.

2. Spiked Iced Soy Chai Tea

Can chai tea EVER be bad? The correct answer is no, no it can not. Add this spicy iced tea from The Kitchn to the menu, and I will be the first to RSVP to your porch party.

3. Tipsy Lemonade And Peach Iced Tea

Can you think of any flavor combination that's more summery than lemonade and peach? This beautiful tincture from The Comfort of Cooking combines fruit juice and vodka for a flavor profile that's more grown-up than your old, go-to vodka and juice.

4. Iced Strawberry Green Tea

This strawberry green tea from Big Girls Small Kitchen isn't technically meant to be alcoholic, but with a little imagination I managed to make it boozy. Just add a shot of gin or vodka to bring out the flavors of the berries. This is what dreams are made of, y'all.

5. The Captain Palmer

This Arnold Palmer from The Kitchn is probably the most classic boozy iced tea beverage out there. Seriously, though, did you even have a summer vacation if you didn't Instagram an Arnold Palmer pic?

Images: Joy the Baker; The Kitchn (2); The Comfort of Cooking; Big Girls Small Kitchen