When Is The Next Mercury Retrograde?

So, Mercury retrograde is over, and you only just barely survived. Your relationships, gnarled though they may feel at the moment by weeks of moodiness and miscommunication, are still intact. You didn't get fired from your job even though you could have sworn the boot was coming at any second, and while your travel plans may have shuffled around a bit, it looks like you're still going to be able to squeeze in that girls' trip to Vegas after all. When is the next Mercury retrograde? Because you're not totally sure you'll be able to handle another three weeks of this nonsense.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, the next Mercury retrograde period begins September 17, and will last until October 9. Already feeling a ball of anxiety tightening up in the pit of your stomach? Trust me — I totally get it. From the second that pesky planet entered its retrograde period on May 19, I did nothing but blame Mercury for the bulk of my problems. Thought to rule over all matters of communication and clear thinking, Mercury has this annoying habit of messing up, well, pretty much everything that falls under its reign when it goes retrograde for roughly three weeks at a time. It's funny for a while. You shrug your shoulders and say, "oh, Mercury retrograde," but after your fifth or sixth serial mishap, you find yourself on your knees screaming "WHY UNIVERSE WHY?!?" at the star-studded heavens.

The good thing is, Mercury's schedule is pretty easy to track. Three to four times a year, the planet ever-so-slightly slows its orbit and appears to travel backwards, sending our general well-being and happiness into chaos. But now that you know when to expect the next Mercury retrograde and have experienced the full effect of its wrath firsthand, you can plan ahead to make the next period feel a little less terrible.

1. Make any and all travel plans right now

I'm not saying your flight will get canceled, or your luggage will get lost, or your hotel will mess up your reservation just because it's Mercury retrograde, but why even take the chance? If you're planning on taking a trip this fall, begin to prepare for it now — and make sure it falls safely outside the block of time stretching between September 17 and October 9.

2. Hold off on making any major purchases

Looking to buy a car? Thinking about upgrading to a bigger apartment? That's great!! Just don't do it during Mercury retrograde. Astrologists warn us mere mortals from entering any major contracts while the planets are in disarray. There's just too much opportunity for things to go wrong.

3. Don't start any large projects

During Mercury retrograde, even the simplest of decisions can feel impossible. So if you're starting a new, huge project that will require you to make tough choices, it might be best to hold off for a few weeks until Mercury goes direct. Luckily, you have plenty of time between now and September to get your schedule all straightened out.

4. Take a relaxing vacation

When Mercury retrograde hits, your sanity goes out the window. Make sure you're entering this astrological period with as much calmness and zen as possible. You don't want to plan a trip come September 17, but the weeks leading up to that date are all fair game. Go on a lazy Labor Day retreat, soak up the final rays of summer, and just relaxxxxxxx.

5. Don't take any of this too seriously

I completely buy into astrology — I think horoscopes are so much fun. But at the end of the day, life is what you make of it. Mercury can be a giant pain, but he's also kind of like that long-distance mischievous older cousin who just likes to play pranks. You see him every once in a while at family get-togethers, but you generally don't let him ruin your life. Take deep breaths... you're going to be totally fine.

Images: El.lE Photography/Flickr; Giphy