The 'Gilmore Girls' Season Finales, Ranked

As someone who's been watching Gilmore Girls religiously for more than a decade, there is nothing the show does better than putting on a good season finale. They don't need dramatic, unexpected deaths or plot twists — they're good at just solid, emotional storylines that leave you wanting more. Fortunately, now that Gilmore Girls is on Netflix, you don't have to wait all summer long to find out what happens next, like you did back in my day. Whether the season ends with relationship stuff, a rift between Lorelai and Rory, or even a visit to jail, it's always good TV — and no matter how many times I've seen these episodes, I still want to watch them again. So, it was an incredibly difficult task, but I managed to rank every Gilmore Girls season finale, from least favorite to most.

Don't get me wrong: They're all good. There has never been an season finale of Gilmore Girls I didn't absolutely love. But, some episodes just bring it more than others do, especially when they involve Luke and Lorelai.

But, alas, here's my ranking. Be warned: You're probably going to want to spend the rest of the day watching these episodes. You should probably just go ahead and clear your schedule.

7. "Partings" — Season 6

In this episode, Luke and Lorelai break up after Lorelai follows the advice of a therapist and issues Luke an ultimatum: Get married right now or end the relationship altogether. I don't blame her for feeling that way, but this is one part of the show's storyline I wish would have never happened. It hurt too much.

6. "I Can't Get Started" — Season 2

In the midst of Sookie and Jackson's wedding, Rory kisses Jess, and Chris finds out that Sherry's pregnant and he can't get back together with Lorelai after all. I'm totally Team Jess, and love that this episode sparked their relationship, but the Christopher thing was so hard to watch.

5. "A House Is Not A Home" — Season 5

Rory ends up in jail after stealing a boat with Logan, and she decides to move in with Emily and Richard after a disagreement with her mom. Lorelai's solution? An adorable, spur of the moment proposal to Luke when he springs into action to help Rory. THE BEST.

4. "Bon Voyage" — Season 7

I can't watch the series finale without crying, so give me a minute here. The episode sees Lorelai and Luke reunite and together, and they send Rory off to follow Barack Obama's presidential campaign — aka the dream.

3. "Love, Daisies, And Troubadours" — Season 1

Rory finally gets the guts to tell Dean she loves him (while also calling him an idiot), and Max proposed to Lorelai. I'm glad they didn't get married, but that daisy proposal was way cute — and he really was a good guy, even if he wasn't Luke.

2. "Those Are Strings, Pinocchio" — Season 3

Here's another tearjerker: Rory's graduation. Try to get through Rory thanking her mom for making her the woman she's become without crying. I dare you.

1. "Raincoats And Recipes" — Season 4

Yes, Rory and Dean have sex for the first time — an idea I totally hated on a character level, but man, did it make for good TV. What's more important: Lorelai and Luke kiss for the first time at the Dragonfly Inn's soft opening. So perfect!

Well, all of them are pretty perfect, actually.

Image: Warner Bros. Television