Mark Your Calendars For 'Bachelor In Paradise'

The time has come, people of the world, to come together and bond in unity. For at long last, the Bachelor in Paradise cast has been announced, and the second season is closer than ever (until tomorrow, then it will be even closer). The cast of the second season is every bit exciting — Ashley S., Ashley I., Oh My! — but before we get too excited about the cast, you might be wondering when Bachelor in Paradise premieres? Aka, how long will we have to wait for the fan-favorites and villains of The Bachelor franchise to take to paradise and make us all realize The Bachelor and Bachelorette series is a national treasure? The waiting game isn't that far away, so rejoice! Take to the streets and chant Chris Harrison's name! Go buy a bouquet of roses and burn it in unity!

The second season of Bachelor in Paradise is set to air August 2, which is most likely the week after the final rose of The Bachelorette season that's currently airing. August 2 is just just a couple moons away from us, and that wonderful date will surely come up on our "Hang In There" kitten wall calendars in no time. So what can we look forward to when the season begins? If the Gods of The Chris Harrison Institute For Eternal Love And Anguish are watching over us, we will hopefully see at least one of the following things come up during the season.

1. Love, I Guess?

I guess the endgame of this show is for past scorned lovers of the Bachelor franchise to find love amongst themselves. I guess it would be nice if at least one couple found love. As for the others...

2. Villains

The show doesn't reunite fan-favorites and villains for fun. We're looking for drama. For people we can love to hate (or maybe hate to love, in this situation).

3. Awkward Dates

For the love of Juan Pablo, can we please get another date where people have to be extremely sexual (without actually touching) while standing in front of "gurus."

4. More Tears

We want emotions, don't we? This season is bound to be dramatic and emotional, and the more of that, the better!

5. More Onions

More. Onions. More. Onions. More Ashley S., all day.

6. More Raccoons

Let there be more raccoon confidants this season. If anything, each contestant should forgo a set psychologist and opt for the more natural approach of a raccoon.

Image: Francisco Roman/ABC; Giphy (4)