Nasty Gal Faces Charges Of Wrongful Termination

After landmark successes in the retail sector, Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso now faces charges of wrongful termination from former employees. According to a report by Jezebel, the womenswear tycoon and her company have been sued by Aimee Concepcion on grounds that pregnancy lead to her dismissal from Nasty Gal in early 2014. Further, Concepcion stated, four additional employees were allegedly let go from Nasty Gal for pregnancy and maternity leave-related causes.

Concepcion claims that after giving her supervisor the news of her pregnancy in February of 2014, she was guaranteed only six to eight weeks of maternity leave. By June of 2014, Nasty Gal had allegedly secured an interim employee to tend to Concepcion's responsibilities at Nasty Gal, and in August Concepcion was let go from the company.

Though Concepcion states that a sizable number of fellow employees who were fired within the same timeframe were also pregnant or tending to young families, the layoffs did belong to substantial bout of firings at the company. A Nasty Gal spokesperson refuted the claims by way of comment to Bustle, stating "The accusations made in the lawsuits are false, defamatory and taken completely out of context. The layoffs in question were part of a larger restructuring of departments we completed over nine months ago. The lawsuits are frivolous and without merit."

Amoruso herself has championed the rights and capabilities of women to triumph in their working lives under the hashtag #Girlboss, crediting her own rise to power with sheer determination and hard work. One can only hope that accusations of Nasty Gal's dismissal of women based on their decision to begin families is fallacious, as the world needs true #Girlbosses to continue cracking the glass ceiling.