Will's Allegiance Is Questioned On 'Hannibal'

Well, that might've just been the cruelest trick Hannibal has ever played on us, which is really saying something considering this show centers around a man who eats the people he kills. During Thursday night's Hannibal episode "Primavera," we find Will Graham, who is still very much alive even after being gutted (both physically and emotionally) by Hannibal back in the Season 2 finale. And the first person to show up on his bedside was none other than Abigail Hobbs. Last we saw, poor Abigail was getting her throat sliced open by Hannibal as punishment for Will's betrayal. So how is she still alive? Well, that's the real kicker here because she isn't. As we later discover, Abigail Hobbs is, in fact, dead. Her presence was one big fake out and a mere figment of Will's imagination. (Very Sixth Sense of you, writers.)

But I think Abigail's ghostly presence served as more than just an indicator that Will misses her. I think it proves just how tempted Will is to give into his darker nature. Hannibal has always been intrigued by Will's ability to get inside the head of killers. But doing so comes at a very high price. It makes Will feel as though he actually is a killer. And it seems that getting inside Hannibal's head is taking quite a toll on our beloved FBI profiler.

For example, this faux-Abigail remained just as dedicated to Hannibal as ever, claiming that she would still run away with him if given the chance. That tells us quite a bit about Will's own personal inner struggle and how he may have serious regrets about betraying Hannibal's confidence. If he had just run away with Hannibal like they had planned, then no one would've died. But I'm getting a sense that Will's guilt extends further than this moral-driven outlook. I think, deep down, he simply misses his old friend.

Even Will is starting to seriously doubt who's side he's truly on. When Inspector Pazzi asked Will what he would do if he ever came face to face with Hannibal again, Will was unable to give an answer because he honestly has no idea. Would he send Hannibal to prison? Would he let him go? Would Will go with him this time? His actions are unpredictable at this point, which shows how big of an effect this cannibal has had on him.

Will even went so far as to whisper to an ease-dropping Dr. Lecter: "I forgive you." Is this Will's first attempt in trying to make amends or simply another FBI tactic to try and lure his target out of hiding? Right now your guess is as good as mine. But if the remnants of Abigail's memory is any indication, Will's allegiance is on very shaky ground… and Hannibal now knows it.

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