Who Will Die On 'Hannibal' Season 3? Bryan Fuller Says We Should Be Very Worried For The Main Characters

With only a little over a week to go before the Hannibal Season 3 premiere, fans of the NBC thriller series are hungry for as many details as they can get regarding the next installment of Dr. Lecter's journey. Last we saw, our fearsome cannibal was on the run with none other than his esteemed colleague/therapist/pseudo-bride, Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier. But, if you were thinking that distance would be enough to keep Will Graham and his comrades safe, then you are sorely mistaken. Bustle had a chance to chat with series creator Bryan Fuller on a call with reporters, where he served up a few juicy Hannibal Season 3 spoilers and warned that even more character deaths could be on the horizon. Because, duh, this is Hannibal we're talking about!

"I think it’s always wise to be concerned about the main characters in the show," Fuller teases. "If not for the immortality, for their psychological well-being." If you recall, the bloodbath of events from the Season 2 finale left many character fates up in the air. But even those select few who did end up surviving, aren't completely out of harms way. Fuller warns that they will be forever changed from who they once were. "Everyone who survived the Red Dinner of the finale of Season 2 has been broken and reborn in a way that has shifted their perspective. So there’s certain things with key characters where we get to see them transformed into new versions of themselves."

However, those who are well versed in the Hannibal story know that Lecter won't be able to stay away from his precious ex-patient for too long, which puts our FBI profiler directly back in harm's way. And, if you think he's safe simply because he's one of the show's main characters, Fuller urges you to think again. "Yes, you should absolutely be worried for Will Graham, always, and the steps that he takes to resolve his relationship with Hannibal."

Just look at it this way. If Season 2 was the nasty breakup of this extremely unhealthy bromance, then consider Season 3 all about their attempt at reaching a sense of closure with each other. Though, according to Fuller, it could come at a hefty price. "How drastic that point of closure is will be major part of Will Graham’s arc in this season." So, in other words: Be afraid. Be very afraid for all of these characters both physically and mentally. But, given that this is a show that prides itself on putting the gross in engrossing, would we really expect anything less? Consider yourself warned.

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