Will Bryce Dallas Howard Be In 'Jurassic World 2?'

For someone with a career as long and varied as Bryce Dallas Howard, you'd expect more people to know what she looks like. Yet due to a striking resemblance to another leading lady, Jessica Chastain, Howard has gotten confused with her fellow redhead more than a few times. After this weekend, though, the mix-ups shouldn't happen much longer; once Jurassic World comes out on Friday, you'll be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn't know who the actress is. So will Bryce Dallas Howard return for the Jurassic World sequel? Judging by the movie's expected success, it'd be a major surprise if she didn't, not to mention a big disappointment.

Because not only does the talented Howard deserve the chance to star in a blockbuster franchise, her character, Claire, the park manager, could easily have her story continued throughout several films. At the end of Jurassic World, Claire — spoiler! — starts a relationship with Owen (Chris Pratt), and their romance would most likely be a subject any future movie would be happy to expand upon. Here are five more reasons Howard should return to the series if sequels happen (and they totally should):

1. She Has Franchise Experience

To some fans, Howard is best known as Victoria, a dangerous vampire, in the Twilight series. She knows how franchises work, especially ones that are action-heavy, and that knowledge should definitely come in handy if she decides to take on more Jurassic movies.

2. Her Character Needs More Action

In some reviews of Jurassic World, critics expressed their wishes for Claire to have had more to do, calling her character under-developed. In a sequel, Claire would surely be given more action and personality, with Howard and the movie overall both benefiting from the opportunity.

3. She Only Has Two Movies In The Works

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Howard has a few movies on her plate, but not enough that she can't take on another one, if needed. Some sequels don't get made because of their stars' schedules, but for this one, it seems that wouldn't be a problem.

4. She'll Get To Kiss Chris Pratt More

What kind of person would give up that opportunity?

5. People Will Finally Stop Confusing Her With Jessica Chastain

I mean, seriously. It's about damn time.

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