Jennifer Lawrence Quote Or Katness Everdeen Quote? Take This Handy Quiz To Prove Your 'Hunger Games' Knowledge

Though she'd received critical acclaim for her role in Winter's Bone, Jennifer Lawrence was hardly the A-lister she is now before she was cast as Katness Everdeen in the Hunger Games series. Now, however, three films later and one highly anticipated one to go, it's difficult to imagine pop culture without J. Law's red carpet style, her brand of self-deprecating humor, and her brilliant photobombing skillz. While she's now begun to take on more adult roles at the Hunger Games film series comes to an end, it's hard to deny that Katniss was the perfect role for the young starlet. This isn't because they're alike, per say, but they do share some particular, unqiue qualities — leading me to wonder if, without any context, it'd be possible to tell Jennifer Lawrence quotes and Katness Everdeen quotes apart.

After all, think about it: Like Katniss, Lawrence is a woman in the spotlight who often seems reluctant to be there. Both women seem to perceive celebrity and wealth as unimportant and frivolous, but they have used their fame for good — J. Law influences and inspires her fans in amazing ways, and Katniss saves the world. Also: Both are badasses with a good sense of humor. I myself have even found myself occasionally wondering: is Jennifer Lawrence Katnissing us? Could her almost likability be some kind of elaborate ploy to make her an über celebrity who brings revolution to the world? (I sort of hope so, because I feel like a J. Law revolution would include a lot of delicious food, so-trashy-it's-amazing reality television, and, like, cats.

Of course, we won't know if J. Law is really Katnissing us until it's already happening — so, until then, it's probably best just to pass the time by taking this "Who said it: J. Law or Katniss Everdeen?" quiz, and let the revolution happen.

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