9 Celebrity Cameos We Need In 'Pitch Perfect 3'

Hold onto your harmonies, ladies, because talks have official begun to bring the Bellas back to the big screen in Pitch Perfect 3 . Sources say negotiations have officially begun with Kay Cannon, the writer of the first two movies in the franchise. Whether or not the entire cast would come back is up in the air for now, but you can be sure fans won’t be happy without all of the Bellas back in action. What would the movie be with Fat Amy? Or Beca? But we have to be realistic: how could they wrangle that now that the girls have all graduated? And how could they manage that with the millions it took to bring back some of the stars for the sequel?

All of the casting talks have yet to be disclosed, but there are some other big names who might willing to take the place of even our favorite aca-stars. I mean, think of all the opportunities for all-female a capella groups in Beca’s future! Or maybe even some awesome cameos at her new, thriving production company? (BEYONCÉ, I AM COUNTING ON YOU, BOO.) So, just in case the cast doesn’t come back in full — because the storyline doesn’t make sense for it, or the negotiations fall through, or whatever — here’s a list of celebs who would make the loss a little easier and still kick some aca-butt in the third movie.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

J. Law TOTALLY proved her singing chops in Mockingjay, and would make a fierce and funny addition to Pitch Perfect 3. Someone get her signed up ASAP.

2. Lea Michele

Streisand ballads and Type A personalities for Beca to deal with? Yes, please.

3. Emily Blunt

She blew our minds with her singing in Into the Woods. Think of all the harmonies (and awesome characters) she could bring to the film.

4. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett is more than just good looks and awesome acting skills. She released an album of Tom Waits covers in 2007, and could add some serious sex appeal to the often uptight world of a capella.

5. Zooey Deschanel

The second half of She & Him, Zooey’s quirky style and voice could make for some aca-awesome collaborations.

6. Stephen Colbert

He might be a little busy these days, what with taking over for Letterman, but that man has a voice like an angel. SIGN HIM UP PLEASE.

7. Neil Patrick Harris

YES. Just… Yes.

8. Evan Rachel Wood

The star hasn’t done much singing in public, but she was filmed serenading George Clooney at the Venice Film Festival and blowing people away.

9. Leighton Meester

Sure, she’s an actress-turned-singer, but there’s nothing stopping her from turning back — especially if it still involves singing. Cameoing in such a famous film franchise would definitely help Blair Waldorf's own music career flourish as much as her acting career did.

Image: Giphy (9); Universal Pictures