7 Reasons Why A$AP Rocky Is My Style Inspiration

In my opinion, I would say that hip-hop star ASAP Rocky (or Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye) is on the road to ultimate success. In fact, I have had A$AP Rocky's May-released album, At.Long.Last.A$AP, on repeat for a month. Following the death of one of his best friends and fellow rapper A$AP Yams, the Grammy-nominated musician felt inspired to transition into uncharted territories, thus adding a unique feel to his songs by incorporating cool, mellow beats with sick rhythms that result in something pretty beautiful.

Besides his musical talent, A$AP Rocky's personal style is unlike any other, and he has constantly been recognized for his rather exquisite fashion sense. Having been featured in GQ and Vogue, A$AP Rocky is definitely the "fashion killa" he proclaims to be.

"I be that pretty motherf*cker," is the lyric that A$AP Rocky rapped in is first hit single, "Peso." Ever since he released that song, I have been a true fanatic. So much so that Rocky and I have been twins on numerous occasions. We rock the same hairstyle (OK, I rock the cornrows sometimes). But most importantly, we share the same taste in style.

Truth be told, I receive a large portion of my fashion inspiration from Rocky. From craving gold chains and grills (please don't judge) to adding fisherman coats and structured jackets to my fall closet essentials, Pretty Flacko Jodye has influenced my look for the past year.

So here are seven fashion looks from A$AP Rocky that have inspired me whilst proving that he is a total fashion killer.

1. Yellow Fisherman Jacket

I am a true believer that Pantone chose the wrong color of the year and apparently, Rocky understands me on this one. Rocky wore this rather bright fisherman-style jacket to a music festival last week. What is even more fun is the black blazer peeking out of the yellow jacket. Rocky planted the need for me to add a yellow rain coat to my fashion must-haves.

2. Grey Cardi With Oversized Sweater

Rocky is giving me all sort of feels with this blogger-style photo. While strolling the streets of London, Rocky decided to stop by Subway and take a stylish pic. He is rocking the perfect fall ensemble, which is a grey cardigan with an oversized sweater from ACNE.

Rocky perfectly paired this dynamic duo with classic denim jeans and white sneakers. Dude is giving so much fall closet inspiration months in advance. Thank you, Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye!

3. Structured Jacket And Distressed Denim

Structured jackets with great detailing are one of my favorite outerwear trends thanks to Mr. Jodye. Rocky is always seen wearing some sort of structured jacket or other form of outerwear with his street-style apparel. And I am a fan of how he paired the structured jacket with distressed jeans and ankle Chelsea boots.

Plus, how fun is the bucket hat that Rocky added to the look to go with his lovely braids?! Can I borrow your bucket hat soon, friend?

4. White Collared Shirt With Three Chains

Nothing is more clean-cut than a white collared shirt. A$AP Rocky decided to make the look even sexier by unbuttoning the first three buttons of his shirt and wearing three chains (don't be upset at him, 2 Chainz).

To make him look even cooler, Rocky layered his white collared shirt with a black leather jacket. I plan on imitating this look for my next date night so I can be "pretty" like Rocky.

5. Fur-Lined Utility Coat

I know you probably do not want to think about a coat right now, but hear me out. This utility coat that Rocky is wearing should be in every store this upcoming fall and winter. Olive green is a always a popular color for fall and Rocky is already ahead of the fashion game.

Plus, the utility coat is lined with fur (though we could always opt for faux fur), which makes me love this coat even more. I guess we will be twinning again this autumn, Rocky.

6. Varsity Jacket

I always dreamed of owning a varsity jacket. Sadly, I never played sports in high school nor college (unless you count extreme shopping as a sport). Thankfully, varsity jackets have become a huge fashion trend these past couple of years, which means my dream can finally come true.

Rocky dipped into this trend by pairing a black varsity jacket with grey trousers. What makes this look unique is the white striped detailing on the jacket and the trousers. How sporty of you, Jodye.

7. Faux Bullet-Proof Vest

While I am thankfully not dodging bullets, I always wanted to wear a faux bullet-proof vest as a fashion statement (seriously, don't judge). Now I can take a cue from Pretty Flacko, since he donned a black faux bullet-proof vest by HBA.

He paired the HBA vest on top of a black and white knit sweater, and to finish the look, Rocky rocked a baseball cap backwards. He's a fashion risk taker, and he looks darn cool while doing it.

Images: Getty Images; upscalehypejp, gibelavi22, asvpxrocky/Instagram (4); BritishVogue, StreetFashion01, ASOS/Twitter (3)