Who Is Tai Beauchamp? The 'Dare To Wear' Host Has More Than Enough Style To Share With Her Makeover Subjects

I really enjoyed watching What Not to Wear, and I was terribly disappointed to see it come to an end in 2013. Fortunately, WNTW's legacy will be upheld by Tai Beauchamp, the host of TLC's new makeover show, Dare to Wear . Unlike What Not to Wear, on this new show, Beauchamp takes two women who are in some form of style rut and forces them to switch styles for a time, in order to demonstrate that a change in style could be beneficial for their self-esteem. Hence, a woman with a closet full of outdated business-wear sees how a stressed out stay-at-home mother can be just as overworked as she is, even if it just manifests itself in their styles.

And Beauchamp is the perfect mix of Stacy London and Clinton Kelly to fill the role of host for Dare to Wear. Those two made themselves household names with their tough but humorous take on personal style. They may have relied too much on the rudimentary basics of personal style, sometimes squashing the clients' genuine desire to break out of the mid-rise jeans/cardigan/going out top triangle. But in the last two or three seasons, they really managed to update both their clientele and their style advice, adding more than just the expected.

So, let's meet Tai, shall we? Here's what you need to know.

She's Worked As A Style Editor At Many Magazines

Beauchamp worked at Seventeen Magazine, Suede, and two Oprah magazines (O and Oprah Magazine). You might not be impressed by that, but you should be — no woman knows more about how to maximize her personal style than Ms. Winfrey.

She's Also Appeared On TV Many Times Before

bethenny on YouTube

She's been a style expert on daytime TV for a long time now, giving tips on shows as diverse as The Today Show and The Wendy Williams Show about fashion and trends, so advising people on Dare to Wear shouldn't be a challenge.

She Takes Style Risks Of Her Own

Crop tops, monochrome, tall strappy sandals, super short hair, and bold makeup. Somehow, it doesn't overwhelm her — that is some master-level dress-wearing.

And She Was Born With Her Fashion Abilities

Coordinating watch before she could even tell time. That and her three ponytails take this from normal-cute to fashion prodigy.

She Represents Fashionable Brands

Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Being a brand ambassador may not be the sexiest job in the world, but a black woman with natural hair and an edgy fashion sense being the chosen fashion ambassador for InStyle? That's something to celebrate. Beauchamp is pushing fashion boundaries within a homogenous industry.

She Has An Advocacy Side


Not only does Tai volunteer with the LES Girls' Club, she's also made the rounds to different TV programs to share the story of why she decided to freeze her eggs to extend her fertility, proving that she's willing to become an advocate for things she's truly passionate about. Tai Beauchamp is comfortable sharing her vulnerable side and is a true style expert — sounds like Dare to Wear is reality TV gold in the making.

Image: TLC; Getty Images