Bryce Calls Her Body Her "Best Friend"

As if I needed another reason to adore the amazingly talented and inspiring Bryce Dallas Howard. While chatting with BuzzFeed, the Jurassic World actress took a fun quiz: "Which Dinosaur Are You?" In addition to learning that the 34-year-old loves to eat meat, adores Mario of Nintendo fame, and considers herself a "natural leader," Bryce Dallas Howard revealed she loves her body. Just add her to the list of body positivity queens.

After reading the question, "How would you best describe your body type?" Howard exclaimed, "Love these kinds of questions! I do." In addition to being very excited about answering the question, she also declared that her body is her "best friend." If you ever needed a reason to cherish your body for exactly what it is (size, color, shape, etc.), then listen to Howard.

Out of all the choices (which included "long-limbed," "all muscle, baby," and "pretty average"), the red-headed actress chose, "sturdy." She said, "So I’m gonna go with 'sturdy.' I’m very sturdy and very proud of it." Yeah, you are, Bryce. Say it loud and proud!

The actress, also known for playing Hilly in The Help, would have also chosen, "junk in the trunk," but according to Howard, "it's not junk." She's right. No body parts are "junk," but rather they're beautiful, worth loving, and, as Howard says, can even be your "best friend."