34 Photos Of Hillary Clinton So Random, I Have Literally No Idea What’s Going On

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Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for basically my entire life. I can't imagine what it would be like to spend about 25 years under the scrutiny of the media, the country, and the entire world, but Clinton has done so in stride, going from the first lady of Arkansas to FLOTUS to New York senator to secretary of state to a current front-runner in the 2016 election. Whew. So, you can imagine after all that, there are a ton of random photos of Hillary Clinton floating around on the interwebs waiting for someone like me to pick out all the weird ones and put them together in a slideshow for your viewing pleasure.

Clinton's been around so long that there are quizzes about which Hillary decade you are (and if you're the '90s, congrats; that was definitely one of her best decades). So, there's been plenty of time for photographers to snap some shots of Clinton that literally leave you asking, "What even is this?"

If there's one main takeaway I left the images with, it was that Clinton has some sort of odd affinity for Sesame Street. Which I guess makes sense, because a lot of these photos are from the '90s, which is when I was watching the show, so it correlates with my own timeline, obviously making her even more relatable.

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