If Jennifer Lawrence Moves To New York City, She Needs To Partake In These Classic NYC Activities

Attention, New Yorkers! Put down your phones, tablets, middle fingers, and Subway delay-induced fists of anguish, because I have some good — no, great — news: You all might be getting a new, famous neighbor very soon. According to E! Online, Jennifer Lawrence may be looking for apartments in NYC. I know, I know: First Taylor Swift, and now possibly J. Law? How did we all get to be so lucky?! Honestly, I’m not really sure — but, as a native, I am positively stoked about the possibility of being able to call her a neighbor. (I’m also fairly excited about the possibility of bumping elbows with her at any given Starbucks.)

It’s a good thing that the Academy Award-winning actress might be making the greatest city on Earth her home, because she’s always really seemed like a New Yorker. She’s honest, she’s got a brash sense of humor, and she’s tough — in the best ways, of course. So, because she’s clearly an innate New Yorker at heart, she should have no problem adjusting. Especially because there are a slew of amazing activities in the great concrete jungle that would particularly appeal to her specific brand of low-key, unassuming, yet eccentric fun.

Here are six classic New York City activities the actress should partake in if she moves to NYC, because they are so totally her:

1. Trapeze School

Seems like a very wild, J. Law thing to do, no? I mean, she has to be some sort of adrenaline junkie what with all of her Hunger Games stunts — not to mention, she'll get a bird's eye view of the Hudson River. Win/win!

2. A Pizza Crawl

Because New York pizza is the best pizza, without contest — and, yes, pizza tours actually exist. Considering J. Law's dedication to food, this would be perfect for her.

3. Catch A Broadway Show

It's a shame friends Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper have ended their runs on Broadway, but there are so many more opportunities for the actress to get her theater on. Besides, she's gotta be into this sorta thing, anyway: the Mockingjay star is a seasoned Shakespearean actor.

4. Bar-Hopping

I guess she could potentially do this anywhere. But, if she wanted to make it an authentically 20-something New York City experience, she could pack herself into a sardine-like bar with all the 21 year olds in the tri-state area, and then throw elbows and hurl insults all night. Just like a real New Yorker!

5. Drunk Brunch

NYC is the land of possibilities when it comes to getting inebriated over a plate of eggs and home fries before 2 PM on a Sunday.

6. The Museum Of Sex

I just think she'd find it really hilarious.

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