Get Ready To Ship T. Swift & Calvin Harris A Lot

by Loretta Donelan

Though the world still hasn't received explicit confirmation that Taylor Swift is dating musician and DJ Calvin Harris, I'd say at this point – after seeing paparazzi pics and adorable clips of them hanging out at awards shows — it's greatly implied. Especially after this: Only one day after tweeting a photo of Harris and calling him one of her favorite people, Swift made it Instagram-official (sort of) by posting a very couple-y photo of her and Harris on a swan-shaped float in a pool. If this isn't love, I don't know what is.

She captioned the photo "swan goals," which, in my opinion, is basically acknowledging that she knows her and Harris are going to be the subject of many wistful #goals posts. Like, say, #relationshipgoals?! This is a BIG DEAL.

While Harris and Swift have been seen being very cuddly in public, they have not made their relationship official. But, Swift undoubtedly knows how curious we all are about them — they're just too cute, how could any of us not be ?! — so posting this picture could basically be the same as making it Facebook official for normal people.

Additionally, not only is this picture evidence that they are really hanging out, but it's also adorable. They are clearly super goofy together, which is a good sign, humor is important in any relationship. You know what they say; those who swan boat together preserve a cute public image for a while together.

Seriously though, aren't they the cutest? I get the sense that, if they are truly dating, they will be the next "It" couple for a while. Here's hoping there are more cutesy Instagram pictures, tweets, and clips of these two together very, very soon.