Wedding Day Checklist: 16 Things Every Bride Needs To Bring With Her On Her Wedding Day

Even if you're keeping things low-key, your wedding is easily one of the biggest days of your life — which is why it's important to come up with a wedding day checklist of things to have with you. Because while your wedding is exciting and fun, it's also really, really stressful. Anything can happen on your wedding day, and that includes mini disasters or emergencies. This is why it's SO important for the bride (or her bridesmaids) to bring along a little kit of items to keep handy just in case.

Even if you don't use some of these things at all, you're better off having them with you than having nothing. Whether you get a stain on your dress, start sweating uncontrollably, or notice your cell is dying, you need to be prepared for every single situation. Sure, most hotels and venues offer the more common items you might need, but wouldn't you feel better if you took care of it yourself? To minimize your stress and keep your big day going as smoothly as possible, make sure you have these 16 items with you at your wedding. Or at least ask your bridesmaids to get them together. You're welcome in advance!

Image: Brian Geltner/Flickr

Earring Backs

Have extra earring backs with you just in case something happens and you need them. Bring a few extra for your bridesmaids. No one wants to lose an earring!

Earring Backs, $5.00, Kohl’s

Oil Absorbing Sheets

No matter how much setting spray you use, makeup can tend to get a little icky when it’s been on your face all day long. Keep yourself looking fresh without messing up your makeup further with blotting papers.

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, $4.69, Target

White Chalk

You’re wearing a white dress. Accidents happen. If you stain the dress, use some white chalk to hide it from view.

Crayola Anti-Dust Chalk, $.79, Office Depot

A Portable Steamer

If you’re going to be in your dress all day long, chances are it’s going to get a little bit wrinkly in places. Fix those wrinkles with a handheld steamer. Good as new!

Conair Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer with Dual Heat, $27.99, Target


Even if you applied deodorant before you left, bring it along with you. Between the nerves, all of the moving around, and the fact that you’re wearing a heavy dress and makeup all day, you’re going to get sweaty.

Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Deodorant, $7.99, Secret

Eye Drops Or An Extra Pair Of Contacts

Eye drops are important to have, especially if you think you’re going to cry — tears (of joy, obviously) can dry out your eyes. If you wear contacts, these are even more important. Better yet, bring along an extra pair just in case.

Visine Tears Long Lasting Dry Eye Relief Lubricant Eye Drops, $9.99, Walgreens

A Small Snack

A lot of brides find that they either forget to eat, or they’re just way too nervous. All of the sudden things get busy, and out of nowhere you realize that you’re STARVING. Bring along a granola bar or something similar to fill you up.

Kind Bar Plus Cranberry Almond Box of 12, $20.72, Walmart

Double-Sided Tape

Wardrobe malfunctions happen to the best of us. Keep your outfit in check with fashion tape.

Hollywood Fashion Tape, $8.99, CVS

Flip Flops Or Flats

Depending on the weather, bring a change of flat, comfortable shoes. Walking around in heels all day isn’t the most fun thing to do, and these will be a godsend when you’re feeling exhausted.

I Do Flip Flops, $37, Etsy

Breath Mints

A lot of brides have said that they were so nervous they forgot to brush their teeth. Even if you did brush yours, keep mints handy to keep your breath fresh. You’re going to be hugging and talking to a TON of people.

Ice Breakers Frost Mints, pack of 6, $18, Amazon

Extra Cash

Even if everything is taken care of, you might find that you want to tip the waitstaff or someone else at the venue. Keep some extra cash handy just in case.


Tide To-Go

White chalk is great for hiding stains, but a Tide To-Go pen actually works to remove them. This is a must-have.

Tide To-Go Pen, $5.55, Walmart

A Mini Sewing Kit

Again, wardrobe malfunctions can happen to you or your bridesmaids. It doesn’t hurt to keep a little sewing kit around.

Mini Sewing Kit, $6.99, The Container Store

Your Nail Polish Shade

Who wants to deal with chipped nails when they’re about to take a bunch of pictures involving their hands? Keep your wedding nail polish close by just in case something happens.

Essie Bridal Collection, Essie

A Phone Charger

The last thing you want to deal with on your wedding day is a dead phone. Keep a charger around so that your battery stays full all night.

Apple iPhone 6 charger, $17.99, Amazon

Bobby Pins

Sometimes, all the hairspray in the world can’t keep little pieces from getting loose. Keep bobby pins close by in case you need to make some quick touch-ups.

Bobby Pin Set, $1.90, Forever 21