5 Best Looks From The Row's Resort 2016 Collection, Because The Olsens Know How To Do Vacation Chic

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have solidified their places in the fashion industry. After winning the CFDA's Womenswear Designer award twice in three years, it's safe to say that they know a thing or two about style, which is why it comes by no surprise that The Row's 2016 Resort collection was basically flawless.

The Row's 2016 Resort collection is a slightly evolved version of the Olsen twins' Fall collection, showing solid tailoring, utilitarian pieces and neutral colors. But while the Olsens clearly have an eye for structured pieces, each item in the Resort collection was also given a more leisurely feel, which was definitely intentional.

Mary-Kate and Ashley describe the collection as "well-balanced" because the Resort pieces have a relaxed vibe that will pair perfectly with their other collections' structured looks—a shopper could easily combine the two in-store for a chic look, much like the pairings found in The Row's look book.

Here are some of the Row's best looks from the Resort collection.

The combination of slouchy slacks with fancy black flip flops looks incredibly comfortable. Throw on a nice piece of outerwear—I'm personally obsessed with the sleeveless jacket—and it looks like a million bucks.

This shearling hooded number looks like a very royal bathrobe that you can wear out in public without being judged. It's perfectly slouchy. I want it.

These classic, neutral pieces can be worn year round, which is probably why The Row's ideal consumer is probably going to buy both of these coats and wear them constantly.

Making a jacket layered over another jacket work is a skill that very few people have. Luckily, Mary-Kate and Ashley both have this skill, which is why The Row nails that timeless yet trendy aesthetic.

Not to be dramatic, but there is literally no piece of clothing I want more than this emerald green satin suit. Theoretically, it could seem pajama-y, but the Olsen twins managed to make it one of the chicest pieces in their Resort collection. Bravo.

Images: Trendsaint/Instagram (4), Sergile123/Instagram (2)