If Vee Returns To 'Orange Is The New Black,' How Did She Survive? She Is A Crafty Villain, After All

While I will most certainly give any Netflix original series a chance, it's always nice to welcome back the original originals, if you will. It always warms my heart when House of Cards returns, and I'm excited to see what Orange Is The New Black Season 3 has in store. In an exciting surprise, the episodes dropped early Thursday night, and fans are already freaking out over what to expect. There's been speculation that Season 2's villainous Vee may return, despite seeming to pass away in the last moments of last year's finale. I mean, we literally saw her get hit by a van and saw her face as she lay dying — or did we? I also thought Doug Stamper on House of Cards was dead and he rose like the phoenix on the show's third season, so who knows.

The rumors abound. A fellow Bustle writer spotted Vee's signature hair in a trailer for Season 3 and TMZ spotted portrayer Lorraine Toussaint on set, but Entertainment Weekly quickly got confirmation that Yvonne "Vee" Parker was not going to be at Richfield in 2015. But that doesn't mean she can't show up in flashbacks (it wouldn't be OITNB without flashbacks, would it?). And Vee is actually a pretty crafty lady — if she did walk right back into Richfield alive and well, I wouldn't be terribly shocked. She seems to have a real Doug Stamper quality to her.

If Vee rises like the phoenix like Stamper did, here's how I think she might've done it:

An Ambulance Drove By & Picked Her Up

How lucky would Vee be if as she lay dying, an ambulance rolled up and took her in? She might've been given all the proper medical care she needed. When they realized she escaped from prison, she would have been delivered right back to Litchfield.

She Crawled Her Way To A Hospital

Vee isn't one to give up her life without a fight. She could literally claw and crawl her way to a hospital and in TV land, she would survive and pull herself up on a gurney. If Leonardo DiCaprio could do it in The Wolf Of Wall Street, then Vee totally could, too.

She Got Up & Tended To Her Own Injuries

Perhaps Vee has some medical training and started treating her own injuries, guerrilla-medicine style.

Team Vee To The Rescue

Vee's posse reunited to save her — on the condition that she doesn't pull the same schemes again. She says she won't, but it's a promise that's not worth much.

A Pack Of Wild Deer Heal Her & Make Her One Of Their Own

I personally love stories about animals saving people, so what if some deer saved Vee? I mean, if OITNB suddenly turned into a Disney movie, I wouldn't be mad.

That Wasn't Her — It Was Her Twin!

Valerie Macon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If OITNB wanted to go the daytime soap opera route, Vee could return to Litchfield and say her dumber twin made the break and now she's here to stay. Uh oh.

No matter what, I'm thrilled that OITNB is finally back with new episodes.

Image: Jessica Miglio, Linda Kallerus/Netflix; Giphy (4); Getty Images