10 Hanukkah Dessert Recipes Because There Is More to Life Than Gelt

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Let me share something important with you: Hanukkah food isn’t just about the latke. On the contrary! The Festival of Lights is, among other things, a great way to expand your sweet treat wheelhouse — particularly in the deep-fried category. This year, I’m stretching the ‘miracle of oil’ thing as far as it will go with banana fritters, jelly-stuffed sufganiyot, and deep-fried levivot drizzled in a sugary rosewater glaze. Running low on oil after all those latkes? No worries. We’ve also got dreidel cookies, chocolate cardamom rugelach, and a gelt-glazed chocolate cranberry cake that you might just fall in love with. And I hate to spoil the surprise, but… cupcake menorah is a thing. A beautiful thing. Let’s Hanukkah!

Image: My Name is Yeh

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