Bride And Groom Lip Sync Maroon 5's "Sugar" On Their Wedding Day, And All We Can Say Is "Yes Please" — VIDEO

I know at its core, asking someone to be in your wedding is meant as a deep compliment. It means the person asking you wants you involved in what's supposed to be a momental day in their new history. But, the unromantic part of me tends to look at it like this: Being in a wedding party, on average, will cost you about $1000 and at least 1.5 weeks of your time, collectively. However, most weddings don't include a group musical number. Here we have a bride and groom lip syncing Maroon 5's "Sugar" with their entire wedding party along with a few guests of varying enthusiasm.

James and Jenny got hitched by the water in Baltimore, and even that fact alone would make for a pretty photogenic backdrop. They added Maroon 5's "Sugar," which I only know from Googling the lyrics. (I assume this is a fairly big song, but who cares, because it's clearly an important one to the newlyweds and it's their wedding so whatever they want is fair game, according to wedding rules and folklore.) They threw in some light choreography to make the whole shebang more fun and ultimately, more likely to appear in other places. Like this place—this website. When you're getting married anyway, might as well try to go viral in the nontraditional sense, too, right? Since you've got everyone all good and obligated to do pretty much whatever yah fancy. How else could one convince friends to leap out in such surprising (I actually yelped) fashions on camera?


Other key moments include:

The ol' jump-and-grab


"You thought I was up here just chilling on the wall! You thought WRONG! Ha! HA!" Typical Jason. (He looks like a Jason, right? I have no idea what his real name is but I do know when I first made this GIF and it was playing slowly while loading it looked so dramatic I feel inspired about life again. Finally.)

Giant Seltzer Guy


That seltzer! It's giant! I'm jealous.

The flower girl attire


It's borderline criminal, IMO, these little girls get such little camera time. So little, even, I could not even make a GIF of just them because it's too short (at least for the program I use) which is why the whole door opening thing makes a very quick cameo. Tsk tsk.

This man who regrets everything



Peep the whole dang video below:

Congrats to James and Jenny. You gorgeous, persuasive kids, you.

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