5 Ways To Deal With An Opinionated Bridal Party, Because A Wedding Doesn't Need Extra Stress

As if planning possibly the most extravagant event of your life isn't enough to deal with already, you also have to figure out how to deal with everyone in your bridal party (and all their feelings and opinions) while preparing for your wedding. Whether your bridal party is an eclectic group of friends from over the years or an already tight-knit crew, a variety of strong opinions are bound to come up throughout the planning process.

Someone is going to think Vegas is too expensive for a bachelorette party while another person will insist it's been your lifelong dream. One bridesmaid absolutely refuses to wear blush pink because it clashes with her complexion and your mother-in-law is adamant that it's poor form to not have an open bar at a wedding. Whatever the situation, it's important to take a step back, think about what truly matters, and try your best not to become a raging bridezilla. As the bride or groom, everyone is looking to you to steer this ship, and that means doing your best to stay calm and set the tone for your bridal party. If that thought is stressing you out already, then keep reading for multiple ways to deal with an overly opinionated bridal party.

1. Listen To Your Bridal Party — But Let Them Know Who's Boss

Just because your best friend from college thinks that one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses are so last season doesn't mean you have to take her advice to heart. If you ask them, and even if you don't, everyone will have an opinion on every detail of your big day. The key is to let it roll off your shoulders and relax in the knowledge that it's your wedding, and at the end of the day, you're the decision maker. Easier said than done of course, but it's better than constantly defending your choices and coming off as a bridezilla.

2. Talk As Much As Possible

There is no such thing as too much communication when it comes to a wedding. You never want your bridal party feeling like they're lost in the woods without any direction. Be direct and honest with them about your plans and what's important to you for the big day. This also means being clear about what you want your bridal party to take care of on their end and their responsibilities. A bunch of opinions always come up when people are unsure about what you want or who is making the final decision.

3. Know When To Take A Step Back And Relax

With so much to deal with and plan for the big day, it's okay to take a step back and let your bridal party work it out or discuss their ideas among themselves. People often assume that you want control over every single detail, when in fact maybe you just wanted them to choose the location for your bachelorette party and be done with it.

4. Encourage Face-To-Face Communication

Shocking, I know. In today's technology-savvy world, we have to remember the limitations of online discussions, especially when it's about an emotional event like your wedding day! Avoid a constant stream of emails and text messages where nothing gets decided by maintaining in-person communication with your bridal party. Things can often get misinterpreted online, especially if people in your bridal party don't know each other well. Whether it's a monthly get-together at a local bar or coffeeshop, or just a gathering at your place, try to meet up to discuss any major plans or issues.

5. Recognize When An Opinion Is Valid

Depending on the situation, of course it's important to listen to your bridal party. If your partner's coworker thinks everyone should be able to bring a date, feel free to let that advice go in one ear and out the other. But if your bridesmaids or groomsmen are telling you that their outfits are uncomfortable or that there may be an issue with the DJ you hired, it's worth giving some consideration.

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