Everything We Know About Ariana's New Album

by Alex Kritselis

Ariana Grande is one seriously hardworking woman: Her sophomore album, My Everything (which launched five hit singles), debuted less than a year ago, but she's already started recording new material. In fact, during a recent backstage interview at Capital FM's Summertime Ball in London, Grande said she's so anxious to share her new music with fans, she could end up releasing something as early as next month!


Now, before you get too pumped, I have to tell you I suspect the 21-year-old singer was just joking around (after all, she also said her new album is "a long time away"), but she did prove recently that she has no problem giving us a sneak peek of what she's working on — even if it is still early in the recording process. For example, at the end of May, she revealed that her upcoming third LP is called Moonlight and posted a brief snippet of a new track on Instagram. (She allegedly told a fan on Twitter that it's "the most special song" she's ever written.) How exciting.

I have a good feeling we'll be hearing new tunes before the year is out. I don't know about you, but I'm more than ready. Here's everything we know about Ariana Grande's Moonlight project so far:

She's Been Back In The Studio For A While Now

As far as I can tell, Grande's been back in the studio since Sept. 1, 2014. Yes, that's just a few days after the worldwide release of My Everything. What can I say? She loves her job!

She's Teased Some New Lyrics On Social Media

If you want to stay up-to-date on Grande's new album, be sure to visit her Twitter and Instagram pages regularly. When it comes to her music, she's kind of an open book.

She's Collaborating With Victoria Monet & Tommy Brown Again

The preview Grande recently posted on Instagram could possibly be a clip of a new song she recorded with pals Victoria Monet and Tommy Brown — the pair who helped her create My Everything 's introduction and title track.

She's Collaborating With Max Martin Again, Too

The above Instagram post from the beginning of May appears to show Grande and legendary Swedish producer Max Martin collaborating on a new song in the studio. Martin had a hand in crafting three of My Everything 's hits: "Problem," "Break Free," and "Bang Bang."

Everything's "Coming Together So Quickly"

During her aforementioned Summertime Ball interview, Grande said that while she doesn't really like to "rush these things," her new album is "coming together so quickly." Normally, this would concern me a bit. However...

Apparently, It's Her Best Work Yet

Grande also said during her Summertime Ball interview that the music she's working on right now is "definitely the best" she's "ever made." I like the sound of that!

Stay tuned.

Images: PerezHilton/Tumblr; Giphy