Dog Is Confused By Classical Music, But It's OK, I'd Rather Be Listening To Taylor Swift, Too — VIDEO

Life is ruff for this dog who is confused by classical music. I don't know what kind of music she prefers or usually jams to, because unfairly, I am a human girl, and not a dog. (Thinking of all the floor naps I've missed out on in life is a bummer and a half, but I digress.) Oddly, there are studies showing that classical music de-stresses dogs, but I guess there have to be exceptions to every rule. The first few chords of the music start playing, and with every swell of the music this pooch only seems to get more and more bewildered. Do you need someone to explain it to ya, buddy? Too bad, because I literally know nothing. You can't Google lyrics to classical music and figure out the song, so this is the end of me being helpful to anyone.

There is some evidence that dogs appreciate music, so it's not entirely shocking that a dog would react to hearing it. Maybe this lab found the track particularly alarming because her owner was usually more of a death metal jammer or something. In any case, it made for the music video that this classical music piece never had, but probably deserved. Here are a few of this dog's hilarious "what the what" moments:

"Excuse the universe."


"Darlene, do you hear that? DARLENE."


"What what what what whhhhaaaaaaaat."


Watch the full video of Fido's harrowing introduction to classical music here:

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